To achieve Your Summer Romance Thirst, Here Are 10 Shows Like 'Love Island'

To achieve Your Summer Romance Thirst, Here Are 10 Shows Like 'Love Island' ...

With their smash hit Love Island, the UK once again spawned a US version of the show. The summery dating show gives the audience a peek into the closed-off world of bikini clad singles searching for love. However, with enormous reality show power, fans will be left blank as they await more content.

Fortunately, the TV gods provide with a wide range of other reality romance options with their own twists. Across all the streaming platforms, fans can almost always find something to keep them hooked on the love lives of sexy strangers in this summer heat. In this summer heat, allow these thirsty singles to escape your unquestionable reality show thirst.

Love In The Jungle

Love In The Jungle, based on pig instincts, is not permitted to speak with words or take on animals they believe they represent them in love. They perform challenges, go on dates, and couple up at the end of every night in hopes of returning home.

Love In The Jungle enables the cast to make connections based on physicality and instincts alone first to mimic animalistic mating. The show also features a wealth of reality drama as well as fun facts about animal mating habits, making it the perfect summer obsession. Roku

Lovestruck High

In the hopes of learning how to love, adults in the United Kingdom participate in classes with the intention of opening them up to love and communication as well as stress about who they will take to prom.

Lovestruck High is perhaps one of the most popular reality dating studios because it allows queer couples to exist alongside straight relationships, making no preference either way. The show also offers plenty of "teenage" gossip about who kissed and who was misrepresented as the cast begins to build friendships. Also, Lindsay Lohan is also the show''s narration, which includes lots of Mean Girls references.

Naked And Afraid Of Love

In Naked and Afraid Of Love, fully naked single men and women wash up in different locations of a deserted island paradise, gather together to meet each other and hopefully walk away with love. Although there is still a minor survival element the show has maintained, it primarily concerns the naked cast members'' love lives.

Naked and Afraid Of Love is a game for reality-loving fans who saw Naked and Afraid at the end. The shoe takes a naturalist perspective to discover love. Being capable of being stripped bare (literally) and being in the most vulnerable condition, emotionally and physically, in order to build a healthy lasting relationship. Stream on Discovery+.

Too Hot To Handle

The Netflix hit, Too Hot to Handle, explains what it means about reality dating television and removes it for the ultimate challenge. Their ability to win at the end is completely determined and if they are willing to avoid physical relationships. They are heavily surveilled and kept accountable by an ambient voice named Lana.

The goal of the show is to provide depth and emotional maturity to the self-appointed sex obsessed cast. They are continuously rewarded for making deeper emotional connections with their fellow participants and others. Too Hot To Handle puts reality romance in the center stage and attempts to correct it. Stream on Netflix

Temptation Island

Four long-term couples enter Temptation Island with questions about their relationships they hope to have answered. They will then be separated between men and women into two apartments where they will live as though they are single with a group of strangers who want them to date them. The groups are able to see selective videos of their partners activities but do not have any connection with them until the end of the show.

Temptation Island provides performance clarity and promises that the parties will be released in some fashion. Most couples feel unsure about marriage in some way or another and desire proof their partner is the right one for them. Rent on YouTube TV or watch on the USA network.

Ex On The Beach

Ex On The Beach, a popular MTV show, features reality stars in a beach house for the summer, primarily with the aim of finding love. However, each of their most challenging executives is often confronted with their previous affections and confront their past past struggles while also attempting to progress.

In a spectacular clash of personality, an eclectic group of reality stars from a wide spectrum of shows is combined. The addition of cast members exes is merely the hot fudge on top of the already delectable reality TV sundae. The show allows reality stars to do what reality stars do best, create tons of intensity and drama between one another to the viewer''s delight. Hulu.

FBoy Island

FBoy Island, owned by Nikki Glaser, allows three single women to meet a group of men and decide if they are self-proclaimed "nice guys" or "fboys." The men compete for the women''s attention throughout the course, depending on parties and competitions to convince them they are worthy of dating. With the aim of leaving with a partner, the three women must investigate which ones are "fboys."

The show allows the women who have had a difficult time in love to deduce out who they are interested in a relationship and who they are not. It is also effective in bringing competitive fun into the game. Stream on HBO Max.

Are You The One?

A group of singles is locked in a building together in an attempt to meet challenges and dates in order to match the person they have been matched with before the season ends. A large sum of money is also given to everyone.

Since Are You The One? has had a long-running success, but the show has had several different iterations. Most recently, they have expanded beyond matching only straight couples, and the show has begun to allow participants across the sexual spectrum. As the amount of potential matches increases, chances are high. Stream on Hulu.

Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise, a spooky addition to The Bachelor franchise, draws past cast members on the beach to find love. The group enjoys concerts and drinks while a tv show a bunch of former competitors come in to shake it up every week. By the end of the episode, everyone must be paired off into couples or leave paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise''s extraordinary ability allows the franchise to return the most promising cast members of past seasons. Everyone has the opportunity to come to paradise and change their narrative. Hulu.

My Mom, Your Dad

My Mom and Your Dad share a heartfelt or funny twist on reality romance television. In order to live with and date other single parents, their children are in a nearby location while they watch them and interfere with their dates and relationships.

My Mom and Your Dad are clever in terms of being nominated by their kids who only want them to be happy. On the one hand, the show bizarrely oversteps by giving their children a peek into their love lives and giving them the opportunity to intervene without the parents'' knowledge. Regardless, the show is a mix of twists and turns, focusing on single parents returning to the game and making a positive impact. Stream on YouTube.