Team Fortress 2 is getting a new update, but the game's biggest problem has been resolved

Team Fortress 2 is getting a new update, but the game's biggest problem has been resolved ...

The condition of the game has been hampered by Team Fortress 2 players for a long time. Despite fewer updates and a lack of substantial content in recent times, the overwhelming number of bots has been the latest concern for the public.

The TF2 community took it upon themselves to push Valve to do something about the situation, launching a social media campaign to Save TF2. Fans were shocked when the game''s official Twitter account confirmed that changes would be made, but now that changes have arrived, many have been left disappointed.

Several bugs have been repaired in Team Fortress 2 recently, which includes a range of things that have been solved for years, such as disguised Spies appearing to hold their normal Spy weapon instead of the class they''re masquerading as. This would certainly delight fans, but does not mean much if the game is largely unplayable due to bots.

The bot issue isn''t apparent to Valve, at least so far. A few tweaks were made to the vote kick system, so multiple vote kicks could be running at the same time. However, the possibility to change one''s name during a match, which was being used to boot innocent players, has also been removed. However, the server itself is reportedly still teeming with bots. This possibility may, however, be reduced to simply booting legitimate players.

At the moment, the community is keeping hopes that this is the first of many upgrades to the game. Players would of course like to see new content added to the title to improve its formulation and give them something to do. However, it''s possible that Valve is currently working on sorting out known exploits and limitations before dealing with the bot issue.

In the majority of online games, bots and cheaters remain a concern, so there may be no quick fix for this problem. Valve may need to remain vigilant about banning cheaters and bot users from its game so it''s up to the rest of the situation. However, if Valve is willing to dedicate that many resources to a 15-year-old title, it may be difficult to establish.

Team Fortress 2 is now available on PC.