For the 23rd of June, 2022, here's all of the best gaming news

For the 23rd of June, 2022, here's all of the best gaming news ...

You''ve had a great week, and here''s how to start the weekend off right. Today, publisher Focus Home Entertainment announced a release date during a special showcase event.

Other topics in today''s roundup include Sony''s announcement that it will eventually release NTSC versions of PS1 games for those who are stuck with the crummy PAL versions, and that PlayStation''s news subscription service is fuelling rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remaster. Read on for more information.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Launches October 18

A Plague Tale: Requiem would be released sometime in 2022, and the publisher Focus Home Entertainment really made us wait for a release date. It was finally announced that the game will be released later this year for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. I''m aware of what I''m playing this spooky season.

PS Plus Premium Publics Plans For NTSC Options In Europe, Asia, and Other Countries

Although Sony''s new PlayStation Plus subscription has been found to be fairly beneficial, it has received a lot of flack for seemingly requiring users outside of the United States to deal with inferior 50hz PAL versions of certain PS1 games rather than superior NTSC versions. Sony has now announced that the NTSC options are in the works and will be later released worldwide, although it has been denied a date.

The PS Plus Premium Might Have a Limited-Time PS3 Game In Red Dead Redemption

Fans of PlayStation Plus have been searching the service''s library of PS3 games for something particularly special. Both games will be removed on October 17, but some are assuming this is the first sign that Rockstar is constructing a remaster. It''s unlikely that you understand it.

Square Enix wants to create "story-focused" NFTs.

Despite the wishes of a few users, Square Enix has got a couple of crypto-related stories for now. Despite the promise of several of its users, Square Enix has decided to include its own set of NFTs. Despite the expectation, the company believes these will be "story-focused." Square Enix also said it is too early to make blockchain games based on Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Crypto Crash Means Cheap GPUs Have Returned

Cryptominers are getting out of business and abandoning all of their GPUs, despite being no longer in high demand. This way, you may be able to pick one up for a relatively normal price soon. However, you''re likely better off not purchasing any second-hand ones.