How to Get Caldarr Fusion Material in the Lost Ark

How to Get Caldarr Fusion Material in the Lost Ark ...

The set of Lost Ark has a complicated honing system to strengthen your characters, which involves honing your gear to higher levels. In this game, your characters become stronger by leveling up your gear, which comes in six pieces: a Hat, Pauldrons, Chestpiece, Pants, Gloves, and Launcher. Each item must be leveled up individually, and each requires a ton of different materials.

Caldarr Fusion Materials is a great option for gearing up higher levels, which means you will need Guardian Stones for your clothes and Destruction Stones for your weapons. These are several materials to have, so you may not know how to get these elusive Fusion Materials, since they aren''t included in regular content like Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids.

How to Get Caldarr Fusion Material in the Lost Ark

The most cost-effective way to get the Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark is by using these materials in your Stronghold. Caldarr Fusion Material is Tier 2 equipment and has the number of items you need to get to Item Level 1100. You will need a steady hand in life skills, including hunting and fishing.

The Caldarr Fusion Material recipe is available at your Stronghold and requires the following materials to be used:

  • x8 Iron Ore
  • x8 Wood
  • x21 Gold
  • x1,152 Action Energy

If you aren''t interested in crafting, these materials are often sold on the Market for relatively inexpensive prices. Head to the Market, find the Enhancement Material tab, and see the Caldarr Fusion Material available to buy in bulk for cheap. (As of this writing, one item costs only 5 gold.) Be sure to get as many of these items as you can to get it working.