Dead By Daylight: The 7 Best Sabotage Builds for Survivors

Dead By Daylight: The 7 Best Sabotage Builds for Survivors ...

In Dead by Daylight, Survivors may not possess terrifying abilities like the killers, but they certainly have plenty of their own tricks. There are several ways survivors can make the killer feel like the weakest player in the lobby. In Dead by Daylight, you can save other survivors by setting a sabotage-focused survivor.

The first and most accessible method to destroy hooks is through a toolbox, either found in a survivor''s bloodweb or inside a chest on the map. This is where survivors may destroy hooks without having to worry about Jeff Johansen''s "Breakdown." All of these builds will be most effective with a green version or higher, along with the tools "Protective Gloves" and "Hacksaw."

7 The Unhook Build

Perks to Becoming a Compliance

  • We''''ll Make It (Default Survivor Perk)
  • Borrowed Time (Bill Overbeck Perk)
  • Deliverance (Adam Francis Perk)
  • Resilience (Default Survivor Perk)

This approach is intended to be played with a good toolbox and item add-ons focused on sabotaging hooks. These benefits aren''t directly beneficial to sabotage, but they act as a great way to ensure an unhooked survivor''s safety while the player sabotages the hook they just rescued from. Both approaches are generally effective after a rescue, so destroying them after unhooking can be quite difficult for the attacker.

With Borrowed Time, the player can recover the injured survivor for up to 12 seconds, and We''ll Make It, which allows the player to heal the rescued survivor quickly. Deliverance and Resilience will assist the player if no players are there.

6 The Item Recovery Build

Perks Required:

  • Built to Last (Felix Richter Perk)
  • Streetwise (Nea Karlsson Perk)
  • Adrenaline (Meg Thomas Perk)
  • Any Means Necessary (Yui Kimura Perk)

This build is entirely focused on preserving the toolbox that the player includes into the game. Built to Last is able to recover toolbox charges, and Streetwise will decrease the speed in which charges are used. Players who use this build will not be able to recover themselves, even if they are injured near the game''s end. Adrenaline is a nice bonus that allows the player to replace thrown pallets while walking around the map while dismantling hooks or repairing generators.

5 The Stealth Build

Perks Required:

  • Spine Chill (Default Survivor Perk)
  • Iron Will (Jake Park Perk)
  • Sprint Burst (Meg Thomas Perk)
  • Urban Evasion (Nea Karlsson Perk)

In Dead by Daylight, the killers are some of the hardest to master. On a similar note, it may be difficult to avoid the killer while playing as a survivor. Stealth is a key part of avoiding a chase, and this build allows survivors to be stealthy and destructive toward hooks. Players must include a toolbox with the "Protective Gloves" add-on to avoid notifying the killer when sabotaging!

Players should be able to keep low and stealth away thanks to the increased crouch speed offered by Urban Evasion. Finally, every good stealth mission requires a survival plan.Sprint Burst will enable the player to get a head start if the killer finds them.

4 The Deliverance Build

Required Perks:

  • Deliverance (Adam Francis Perk)
  • Breakdown (Jeff Johansen Perk)
  • Resurgence (Jill Valentine Perk)
  • Off the Record (Zarina Kassir Perk)

It''s generally not a good thing to get hooked as a survivor, but this build aims to make the most of it. Players who implement Deliverance (perform a Safe Hook rescue) will need to make sure they activate the hook once more. This will set the stage for off the record, hopefully giving players the chance to escape. Resurgence will also give the player a much quicker recovery after being unhooked.

3 The Item Build

Perks to the Endangered

  • Built to Last (Felix Richter Perk)
  • Plunderer''''s Instinct (Default Survivor Perk)
  • Saboteur (Jake Park Perk)
  • Ace in the Hole (Ace Visconti Perk)

This is a way to focus on the player''s carried item. However, Saboteur allows players to sabotage without a toolbox. In the end, players may use Plunderer''s Instinct and Ace in the Hole to locate some high-quality items across the map, and hopefully, use Built to Last to prolong these items. If a toolbox isn''t found, simply consult Saboteur to remove hooks!

2 The Self-Reliant Saboteur Build

Required Perks:

  • Saboteur (Jake Park Perk)
  • Windows of Opportunity (Kate Denson Perk)
  • Dead Hard (David King Perk)
  • Build to Last (Felix Richter Perk)

With Saboteur, a player must be able to depend on himself. This build is quite flexible and does not necessarily require a toolbox. However, Built to Last will assist with its use throughout the match.

You can escape a chase with Dead Hard and Windows of Opportunity as well. These are useful if the player encounters them sabotaging or doing anything else across the map. These two benefits are typically powerful across all builds and often utilized, so keep an eye on the fact that Dead Hard may be in play and will try to bait it out!

1 The Altruistic Saboteur Build

Perks to the Lord of the Rings

  • Saboteur (Jake Park Perk)
  • Breakout (Yiu Kimura Perk)
  • Leader (Dwight Fairfield Perk)
  • Flashbang (Leon S. Kennedy Perk)

This is the most difficult of the sabotage builds to play, but also the most rewarding. It requires good communication with teammates if possible and will putting the player in danger. That''s right, the player who uses this build will have to understand the situation well and sabotage before the perpetrator can place the survivor on a hook.

Players using this build should provide the best tools they can with speed and efficacy add-ons for sabotaging. They will need to use Saboteur to see the hook''s charms, giving a bonus to the carried survivor''s wiggle efforts. Finally, if the carried player escapes with the help of Breakout, the player may use Leader to prevent the use of a toolbox. However, only do this once the toolbox has been used up!

Dead by Daylight is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Steam, IOS, and other platforms.