Answer to Wordle 370 on June 24

Answer to Wordle 370 on June 24 ...

Wordle is back today with another brain-teaser of a puzzle. Check below for some tips and techniques to get through the word of the day.

How To Play Wordle

Wordle, a simple-to-play puzzle game that went viral earlier this year, was purchased by the New York Times. This is where the original version of the game still exists. There are tons of Wordle clones and copycats, but this article will only focus on the original, NYTs version.

  • Head to the NYTs Game Wordle site.
  • Choose a starting Wordle word. It must be a real English word and five-letters long.
  • Type the starting word into the site and press enter.
  • The letters will change colors to give players some clues as to the real answer.
  • Green letters are right and in the right place in the word.
  • Gray letters are wrong and won''''t appear in the answer.
  • Yellow letters are right but in the wrong place in the word.
  • Players have a total of six tries to get the answer before they lose.
  • Puzzles reset at midnight local time.

The Wordle menu, which has some impressive features, keeps track of all the player''s statistics and has a spoiler-free share button. Stats include things such as guess distribution, win streaks, and total puzzles played.

There is only one puzzle a day, which is a result of the creation of so many Wordle-like clones. Players who are looking for new niche versions of Wordle or just additional puzzles will most likely be able to find whatever they are looking for. Wordle has everything it needs to know about it, including Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Fortnite.

Hints for the Wordle 370 for June 24, 2022

Today''s Wordle word is yet another difficult word with many different words spelled similarly. Here are a few examples.

  • Today''''s Wordle answer is a five-letter word beginning with S.
  • This word is a verb.
  • It contains no duplicated letters.
  • It has two vowels, and one of them is an E.
  • It also contains an M.
  • This word usually means "to kill."

Answer for Wordle 370 for June 24, 2022

If you want the full answer to today''s Wordle puzzle, you can see it under the image.

SMITE is the answer to Wordle puzzle 370.

Wordle is available for any browser.