Former PlayStation developers are developing an open world game with NFTs

Former PlayStation developers are developing an open world game with NFTs ...

Former owners of the well-known Playstation titles The Last of Us and Days Gone have announced the establishment of a new gaming studio called Liithos. It will be based on a traditional platform for players to participate in the cryptocurrency market. The debut Liithos concept will be an open-world game called Ashfall, which will be the first AAA PC and console game to include crypto elements.

Ashfall will not be the same as Michael Mumbauer and John Garvin''s other works, according to fans of The Last of Us. It will be heavily dependent on PVP and PVE gameplay and, of course, will allow players to focus on in-game NFTs.

NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, have grown in popularity in recent years. While many are duds, and the market may decline abruptly, NFTs seem to be the wave of the future. Ashfall will utilize HBAR, a token from the Hedera Network, which will allow players to purchase and utilize currency from the network. Similar to games on Playstation Plus or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Ashfall''s world will focus on the ability to earn cryptocurrency for those who want to participate in the growing

Ashfall will take place in a dystopian world devastated by a climate that has weakened. Both the PvP and the PvE instances, which should give players more freedom in their games. Although there is little knowledge about the details of Ashfall, the developers have stated that the game will be a rich world with compelling characters and an engaging story. Ashfall will aim to provide a new-gen title with excellent gameplay to Xbox and PS while still engaging players.

While it is unclear when Ashfall will be released, gamers might expect Liithos Studios to make an interesting debut. With new technology that allows people to participate in cryptocurrency via gaming, players on PC and consoles will benefit from their video game skills like never before. Nevertheless, as the former Last of Us and Days Gone developers craft their next story, all their supporters can do is wait and hope for a new revolution in gaming.