The two secret sundials in Genshin's impact time and wind quest guide are unveiled

The two secret sundials in Genshin's impact time and wind quest guide are unveiled ...

Genshin Impact has a wide range of side-quests and hidden achievements. One of these quests, Time and Wind, requires you to travel to a small island that has not been seen on your map and do some detective work to uncover the two secret sundials. This quest can be done at any time, but we recommend putting some stat food and a few non-Anemo characters with adequate gear before you begin. Here is the Time and Wind quest guide to discover the secrets of the uninhabited island.

Note: While you want non-Anemo characters for the boss fight, make sure Traveler is attuned to Anemo before starting the trip (or bring an Anemo character with a fast-recharging Elemental Skill). There are several puzzles that require Anemo abilities to solve.

There are two ways to reach the island by having at least 200 stamina-replenishing food and jumping from Starsnatch Cliff (pictured below), or by using Kaeyas Elemental Skill and an ice bridge from the coast to the island. The latter is certainly faster, but it requires you to have obtained many Anemoculi and Geoculi, and leveling your Statues of the Seven up a fair amount. If youre is not quite at that point, then the ice

Arrive at the island on your way to the center and discover the Ravaged Carving. Paimon will use Elemental Sight (middle mouse button on PC or L1 + Left D-Pad on controller.)

On the right side of the carving, you will discover a pile of rocks near a tent. Smash them to find the note that you need.

Return to the Sundial and change the time of day to 2 AM (You can access this feature by opening up your Menu and selecting the Clock icon to rotate the dials until you are at 1:55 AM, maximizing the time you have for the next section.)

Turn on Elemental Sight once the hour. The Sundial will show you four orbs, which represent the four orbs you must disperse.

The orbs may be found in the following locations:

  • Directly behind the sundial on the ruined wall that sticks out of the sea
  • On the right side of the beach on a rounded rock sticking out of the sea
  • On the left side of the beach on a square rock sticking out of the sea
  • On top of the tall pillar near the sundial

If you do not have the time to destroy the orbs, you will have to cast an Anemo ability directly on top of them. Anemo-Travelers Elemental Skill is ideal for this, but any Anemo ability should work. If you do not, you must destroy all four orbs between 2 AM and 5 AM, instead of reset the time and try again. You will maintain the progress you have already made.

Return to the Sundial and use an Anemo abilities on it, enabling a more powerful Eye of the Storm boss than youre used to, so prepare for a difficult battle. The wind will run away, activating a powerful wind column and a series of wind rings to glide through. Utilize your glider to follow it all the way to the Wind Temple.

If you arrive at a the Wind Temple, you will see an NPC named Henry Morton. On the map above, you can see his location. Talk to him, then check the book in his tent for more clues.

You will need to use Elemental Sight and Anemo skills to clear four orbs around the Sundial. This second round, Eye of the Storm will spawn some add creatures to deal with, and it is best if you take them out first before tumbling down the rest of the bosses HP. After defeating it, talk to Henry Morton to finish the quest.