Pokemon and Harry Potter are combined in fan art

Pokemon and Harry Potter are combined in fan art ...

Through one bit of art, Pokemon enthusiasts prefer to combine Nintendo''s famous series with other franchises. This has resulted in great pieces by artists demonstrating their love for both the RPGs and other games, books, and movies. Pokemon crossover art is a great way for gamers to manifest their love for multiple fandoms.

Harry Potter is still a popular game, with a number of films and spin-offs being produced worldwide. To date, Harry Potter is still going strong, especially with a new game called Hogwart''s Legacy that will be released sometime in 2022, and is a great game to mix up with Pokemon.

Darthdoodles was able to sketch a piece of art combining Pokemon with Harry Potter. Ash Ketchum is in the center of the work wearing a Hogwarts'' uniform and wand as Harry prepares to draw the characters. This piece includes a Pokeball as the Golden Snitch, which is used in conjunction with Serperior.

The Darthdoodles'' drawing has raised a number of fans, including the artist, who stated that they could not make a name for the piece, making many commenters come up with their own. Some include Ash Castem and the Prisoner of Alakazam, Ash Castem and the Pokeball of Fire, and Ashy Pottum. While some are concerned about the work, some claim that the Pokemon Noctowl should be Shiny, as those colors are closer to Hedwig.

The Harry Potter fusion-up with a Pocket Monster mashup is made possible by a Redditor using the name honeybeewilde to match the characters from the comic series and cartoon show. The artist then used a red bandana to highlight Raphael''s appearance, and the magnets became magnets.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.