Different Ice Cream Flavors are seen in a pleasing fan art

Different Ice Cream Flavors are seen in a pleasing fan art ...

Many unusual pocket monsters in Pokemon are often inspired by real-world objects and wildlife. Among the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter Quaxly, who looks like a duck, and Magnemite, who resembles a magnet. Spheal is another Pokemon that has a concept based on a real-life animal.

Spheal, which is similar to a seal, has a circular shape with short flippers on its sides. While the Pokemon might resemble a seal, it did not hinder one player from comparing it to another real-world object; a feature that is less apparent but much more appetizing.

One Reddit user decided to mix Pokemon and ice cream in a piece of artwork he made, and they decided to include Spheal from the Pokemon series in the image. Although many gamers have created a sketch of the pocket monster into different kinds of ice cream, however, many have suggested that this photo be changed.

The owner of the image presented six different Spheal, each with a unique flavor. Adding to the effect of the image, the artist opted to include customizations for each Spheal, including Neapolitan, pistachio, cookies n cream, razzberry sorbet, coffee, and others. Each ice cream flavor received a diverse variety of colors to help sell the appearance of each one. For example, the cookies n cream Spheal had a black underbelly,

Many Pokemon fans were unsurprisingly quick to offer suggestions for other flavors that the artist should try to have Spheal represented. With over 2,900 upvotes in just a day, many took the opportunity to try. Pumpkin spice Spheal! In addition, salted caramel, cotton candy, and mint chocolate were some of the favorites. Moreover, ariamisu even revealed that their favorite flavor was coffee.

While this thrilling Spheal art is no doubt to many fans, it is only one of the many Pokemon fan art on the internet. In fact, there is no shortage of designs featuring Spheal. A gamer recently made an adorable Spheal animation in Blender, which saw the pocket monster spinning around in a small body of water. In the coming days, time will tell what other Pokemon fan art will be shared with the community.