What is the greatest Twitch debut of all time?

What is the greatest Twitch debut of all time? ...

Twitch is home to some of the world''s largest streamers, most of whom were initially unidentified streamers. They were no different from countless others who are still on the lookout for themselves.

The majority of their debuts weren''t famous. They had to build their communities from scratch, starting with the lowest levels. However, all Twitch debuts began in the same manner.

Logic, Snoop Dogg, and T-Pain are just a few examples of the best Twitch debuts of all time, but only one person deserves the title of the best debut of all time, according to the United States Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who came on Twitch in October 2020 at the peak of the Among Us craze.

The first Twitch stream from Ocasio-Cortez was the largest in the platforms history. It totaled 426,109 viewers, which is still the 33rd highest recorded number of concurrent views to date, and it was the first stream ever done.

This monumental achievement even gave her a Guinness World Record for the most successful debut stream on the platform.

Because we consider it the greatest Twitch debut of all time, we found out that the Ocasio-Cortez stream was also very enjoyable. As mentioned above, it happened at the peak of the Among Us Craze. She played with Imane Pokimane Anys, Jeremy Disguised Toast Wang, Hasan HasanAbi Piker, and others, who all provided a touch of relief.

Ocasio-Cortez was a star of the game, although she was adept at impersonating the Corpse Husband, but she was caught on her desk while striving to maintain her innocence, opening up about her experience with League of Legends.

Besides, the stream aided raised $180,000 to help provide adequate food and housing for homeless people, which provided the way for other politicians to follow suit and utilize the platform to connect with people in the gaming and streaming community.

For that reason, it ticks more than enough boxes to deserve the title of being the best Twitch debut of all time. A close second would be League superstar Sang-hyeok Faker Lees'' debut in 2017, which saw more than 245,000 participants.