Anjali Arora Is Providing Tough Competition To Celebrities With Her Amazing Appearances!

Anjali Arora Is Providing Tough Competition To Celebrities With Her Amazing Appearances! ...

Anjali Arora''s name must be on the list, if we see the list of Instagram users that has influenced his followers. The 22-year-old girl from nowhere and only one viral made her one of the most popular celebrities today.

Last year, a song titled Kachha Badam was quite popular, and some IG influencers started making reels on the song, among them Anjali Arora, who received over 100 million views and over ten million likes and more than a million comments and that was it, and she became an overnight sensation with a 15-second video.

After her video was viral, she started following thousands of followers on Instagram and she currently has 11 million followers, which is now greater than some Bollywood stars.

After gaining so much popularity, Anjali was now evidently becoming popular among social media experts and thus received a call from Alt Balaji to feature in the reality show Lock Upp, which was hosted by Kangna Ranaut and was then shown on ALTBajali and Mx Player.

Anjali was a brilliant season and became the second runner-up in the show, which was eventually won by standup comedian Munawar Faruqui. However, the highlight of the season was Anjali Arora and Munnawars'' charisma which was so strong that their fans wanted to see them, as a couple and quite often they were seen on Twitter as #Munjali.

The wishes of their fans were in disarray as both individuals were discovered to be in a relationship when they left the house. Now, anjali has started getting offers from the media industry after so many success in the show.

Anjali will soon appear in several other music albums, including Paune and Supna, and Tere Bargi, as well as other films.

Anjali''s photo on Instagram was taken in an off-shoulder yellow top with a plunging neckline, her red earring, and red footwear. Well, we wish to wish everyone well for her upcoming projects and we hope to see her next shows in the near future.