Is the story from Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes to be revealed?

Is the story from Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes to be revealed? ...

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the second game in the Warriors sub-franchise for Fire Emblem. Three Hopes is set in the same world as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and stars the same characters as the game. Three Hopes takes place in the same timeframe as Three Houses, and features a brand new lead character. Does that mean Three Hopes is canon to the main storyline of Three Houses?

Is the story of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes available on Three Houses?

The theme of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is complicated, with four different timelines, each storyline being diverged when Byleth decides what house they want to teach. Although the first half of Three House is roughly the same in all four settings, they differ greatly once the conflict comes to an end. Each route has its own end, which is considerably different from the other.

None of the four routes within Three Houses is more canon than the other, and it is up to the player to decide whether or not. It''s not as if the four routes exist in four different timelines either, as the player must end up with all the characters at the end of each route. This means there are four main timelines, depending on who gets married.

Three Houses has no main canon storyline, but there are a lot of different timelines. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes complicates things even further by taking place in a universe where Shez is the main playable protagonist. Then there are additional three routes for Shez to choose, each of which has its storyline being distinct from the others.

The three routes in Three Hopes are not linked to the main four routes in Three Houses though, and should not be considered canon to the events of the Three Houses. However, the backstory and her lore that was established within Three Houses is further elaborated in Three Hopes, including appearances from family members of the main characters that never appeared in Three Houses, and further increasing some of the characters'' personalities. Those aspects of the game should be considered canon to the overall greater mythology of the Three Houses

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