How To Defeat Gun Taurus In Metal Max Xeno Reborn

How To Defeat Gun Taurus In Metal Max Xeno Reborn ...

Metal Max Xeno Reborn has a large variety of WANTED monsters: boss enemies that are difficult to beat, but offer a huge gold reward when defeated. Most of them are unstoppable unless you have created a complete party.

Luckily, one boss, the Gun Taurus, is capable of being overcome without being allowed to target. Gun Taurus is an easy WANTED monster to target because you''ll have the environment of the Ariake West Canal to assist you. No worries! We''ll show you how to do it.

What Do You Need To Know About Gun Taurus?

Gun Taurus is the least ninjadicious of all early-stage WANTED monsters. It has a comparatively low bounty of 15,000 G. However, 15,000 G is nothing to scoff at early in the campaign. Gun Taurus looks like tanks you''ll encounter beneath the overpasses leading to the canal. However, Gun Taurus has a single green eye between its two cannons.

The WANTED data about Gun Taurus is a little blurr. Here are some of them:

"There are no valid evidence in recorded reports. All evidence suggests you''ll require a vehicle with an average SP and significant firepower. Look out how to defeat it yourself."

Since we defeated this mechanical beast, we added additional information on Gun Taurus in the monster library. Here are some things to keep an eye on:

  • EXP Offered: 400
  • Gold Reward (excluding the bounty): 428G
  • Dropped Items:
    • Taurus Core
    • Crimson Taurus
    • Killing Core
  • Resistances:
    • 75% Resistance to Cold Attacks
  • Taurus Core
  • Crimson Taurus
  • Killing Core
  • 75% Resistance to Cold Attacks
  • Taurus Core
  • Crimson Taurus
  • Killing Core
  • 75% Resistance to Cold Attacks

Where Will You Find Gun Taurus?

Travel southeast under a string of overpasses, and be prepared to encounter unmanned tanks in your path. This way, you may return to Iron Base and recover, then approach the Gun Taurus with full SP. After the last overpass, turn left, and you''ll encounter the canal where Gun Taurus is hiding.

Still, once you find Gun Taurus, you must avoid engagement and retreat as quickly as possible. At this point, your goal is to travel to the other side of the canal. Then, keep driving to the Big Atrium Exterior. This extra distance will allow you to travel farther away. During your first time in the canal, you may take some hits.

What Weapons Should You Equip?

Concentrate on using strong attack capabilities when planning a battle against Gun Taurus. Cannons and SEs are good. However, it''s always beneficial to have a machine gun in case your other weapons fail.

We highly recommend using the Double Rush trait chip. This microchip enables an attack that attacks the port one and port two weapons simultaneously. Delaying this means employing two high-powered cannons in the first two ports will result in a powerful attack.

Cold weapons are less effective against Gun Taurus, so it''s best to avoid them. For example, we were able to take out the monster with a double assault of a non-elemental cannon and Freeze Blast. However, defeating Gun Taurus with this combination of weapons took a considerable time.

We encourage you to upgrade your tank''s engine in the sortie garage. This will increase your load capacity, which has an adverse impact on the SP.

How To Defeat Gun Taurus

The Ariake West Canal''s crates will be visible. If you make a U-turn out, you may find an effective hiding spot behind the crates above the Gun Taurus. There''s a small opening where you can target the Gun Taurus and begin your assault. This opens is crucial to removing the monster.

Second, attack Gun Taurus from the opening in the crates. Instead of starting to fire, slowly reverse your tank away from Gun Taurus until it cannot find you. Before your fight with Gun Taurus can land an attack, you may engage with the monster.

Perform this cycle of attack and retreat often. This will require patience as you slowly remove Gun Taurus''s HP. Using Double Rush will reduce the battle. However, if you run out of ammunition, use spare ammunition or switch to machine gun attacks. Gun Taurus will explode in a matter of minutes.

Which Weapons Can You Craft Based On Gun Taurus Parts?

Gun Taurus gets several rewards as a result of the monster dropping the SE weapon, Crimson Taurus. Gun Taurus also drops a Taurus Core and a Killing Core. These two materials can make and upgrade various weapons. Here are several examples.

  • Cost: 1,000 G
  • Materials Required: 1 Taurus Core, 2.70 t High-tech Scrap
Weapon Stats
Type S-E
Property Flame
Attack Power 412
Durability 40
Magazine 5/5
Weight 4.92 t
Range (1) 130m
Range (2) Circle Medium 3 Times 1 Shot
Hit Rate +33%
Affinity +3%
Condition Normal
  • Cost: 1,000 G
  • Materials Required: 1 Taurus Core, 2.70 t High-tech Scrap
Weapon Stats
Type Machine Gun, Anti-Air
Property Normal
Attack Power 235
Durability 8
Weight 0.80 t
Range (1) 50m
Range (2) Cone 1 Shot
Hit Rate +28%
Affinity +8%
Condition Normal

Despite their ability to manufacture weapons, Killing Cores are often a valuable component of several weapon upgrades.

After the first defeat of a WANTED monster, you may try them again after a long period. However, defeating these monsters again will not reward the same bounty. Despite this, you''ll receive the necessary supplies, like Killing Cores, that will allow you to upgrade your weapons to the highest level.