Theo of Home and Away makes a huge mistake in his relationship with Chloe

Theo of Home and Away makes a huge mistake in his relationship with Chloe ...

UK viewers follow up on Home and Away spoilers.

In the upcoming Home and Away scenes that will air in the United Kingdom, Theo Poulos is risking a royal relationship with Chloe Anderson.

After Chloe invites him out for a convivial drink, Theo worries that any chance of a relationship with her has passed.

Theo decides to follow John''s tactics by making Chloe jealous, and by bringing another woman, Becky, to their meeting.

When Chloe naps Becky, he notices him becoming a bit hurt. After Theo exaggerates their connection, Chloe must excuse herself, wishing them a happy dinner.

Theo is apologizing to Chloe the next day with a bouquet of flowers and some sincere words. He''s crazy about her and always was, but bringing someone else to their meeting-up was a mistaken attempt to make her jealous.

Chloe is impressed by Theo''s honesty, and she asks if he''d like to watch the movie that night, but it''s a comparison to Theo''s.

Chloe gets asked how she''s feeling on their first official date, as he sometimes needs things to be explained for him.

Chloe presses Theo for a long kiss, but will they finally become a couple?

On Channel 5 and 6pm, Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screens on 5STAR air at 6.30pm, while the show also airs on My5.

On Channel 7, the show in Australia airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm and streames on 7plus.

In the United Kingdom, select classic episodes can be obtained on Amazon Prime Video.

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