Easter Eggs are kept in the Call of Duty Warzone by all Fortunes

Easter Eggs are kept in the Call of Duty Warzone by all Fortunes ...

Fortune''s Keep is home to a host of hidden secrets as outlined on the Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 updates. These unique Easter eggs have been listed throughout the map, which you can complete to get some valuable loot rewards. Here''s how to find all of the Fortune''s Keep Easter Eggs discovered in Warzone Pacific.

Fortune''s Keep Warzone''s All Easter Eggs and Secrets

Players may find and complete the following secrets and Easter Eggs on the Fortune''s Keep map in Warzone:

In Graveyard, a POI adjacent to Town, you may find Candles that spawn randomly next to graves and tombs. For the Zombie Easter Egg, you must light two of these Candles and then "Pay Respects" at the grave as shown in the above images. A Zombies will spawn out of the grave, and you may shoot it down for some good loot.

The most beneficial Easter Egg of all time is the one located inside Keep, which is the largest POI on the map. Two Wine Bottles are placed on the shelf of the Keep''s dining hall. They are randomly created and you may search for them inside the Keep area and steal them from dead players.

On the west end of Town, you must land on the balcony of the building described above. Collect the throwing knife from the melon and head inside the same structure. Look for the bullseye on the second flow and throw your knife at it. This will open the small room to your right where you can find some cash and at least one high-tier weapon.

For the next challenge, you have to return to the Graveyard POI. Collect the Shovel from the grave and make your way to the coastal area near Smuggler''s Cove. Approach the Treasure Piles and hold the interact button to receive some loot items.

Keep in mind that you may lose the shovel upon death and cannot grab it back again, so tread carefully. Achieve your potential "Pocket Sand" challenge after the Mercenary of Fortune Event.

The simplest Easter Egg on Fortune''s Keep is located in the winery area. Look at the fountain as shown above and drop your cash into it. Wait for a few seconds and the fountain will throw back a random loot item. The higher the amount of cash you drop, the greater the reward you receive.

So far, these are all of Call of Duty: Warzone Fortune''s Easter Eggs. If more are discovered, we will update this guide accordingly.

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