Week 3 Missions for Fortnite: How to Use a Melee Weapon to Dislodge Runway Boulders

Week 3 Missions for Fortnite: How to Use a Melee Weapon to Dislodge Runway Boulders ...

Here''s how to use a melee weapon in Fortnite to slodge the Runway Boulders and complete the Week 3 Challenge.

Every week, Fortnite completes its challenges with a new set of missions for players to complete in order to gain XP and advance their Battle Pass.

This season, understanding challenges is much more important due to the difficulty of leveling your Battle Pass. It''s common that Epic Games is putting them in charge to purchase Battle Pass tiers.

Luckily, we have all of the equipment you need to get started on the Battle Pass.

Locations and maps for Fortune Chapter 3 Season 3 runners-up

The northmost part of the Fortnite map has a slew of Runway Boulders scattered around. So you can easily complete this mission in one match.

The Runway Boulders are on a comprehensive map to help you quickly locate and demolish it.

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Going to Lumberjack Lumberyard will help you set the stage at the top of the mountain and construct your way around three Runway Boulders.

Make sure to hop on a nearby wolf or boar to ride your route to each location.

How to Dislodge Runway Boulders by Using a Melee Weapon

To demolish a Runway Boulder with melee weapons in Fortnite, all you need to do is resale it with your pick ax until it is fixed.

Every Fortnite player has one in their inventory at any time.

So simply head to the nearest Runway Boulder and hit it with the pick ax a few times to complete this challenge quickly! If you''re looking for a more light way to complete these tasks then make sure to grab Darth Vaders lightsaber to dislodge the Runway Boulders in style.

When the new Naruto Rivals come to life, you''ll be able to use Sasukes Sword. The Fortnite Store has announced that collaboration!

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