Players in Warzone are keeping their positions high against campers

Players in Warzone are keeping their positions high against campers ...

Fortunes in Warzone Keep players are putting an end to the number of campers currently present on the new map.

Warzone is a competitive game. Fortunes Keep believes that this hasnt changed. Every strategy is different. Some players are using the massive NZ-41 meta and passing through the map.

While other players choose to stay in one area, camping certain corridors and rooms has sparked an outcry among them. These players have gained a hard reputation for ruining the community''s experiences.

Players are concerned that this strategy will ruin the company they trust.

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Season 4 of Warzone Tops Help Players React to Campers and New Map

The popular battle royale in Warzone Fortunes Keep is home to a whole set of new locations. However, gamers are concerned that campers will roil the experience.

Fortunes Keep is a beautiful map. Players can find buried treasure and even summon their very own zombie. Something that has never been possible in Warzone before.

The locations in Caldera are large and complex. This is something that players were reluctant to use in Caldera because they believed that it was a motivation to camp.

The same thing appears to be true, given the number of campers that Fortunes Keep has encountered.

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On this one, I completely disagree with your opinion. Fortunes Keep is literally nothing but rooftop campers and rats lol.

Caldera has made a substantial effort to tackle these issues by giving the map a complete visual overhaul.

While Fortunes Keep may not be as simple to modify, since its a brand-new map, and the majority of its locations are complex POIs.

What Happens in Warzone Fortunes: How to Get Every Perk Quickly

Fortunes Keep, the new rebirth map, is the worst Call of Duty map to have ever been created.

One of the best ways to combat campers is by having one of the finest SMG meta loadouts in your inventory. This will enable you to retreat even if you have a second to respond.

Fortunes Keep isn''t all bad news. Raven Software has added several Easter Eggs to encourage players to explore the hidden secrets on the map. Check out our complete Easter Egg guide to see them.