Magnemite Expands Into Magneton in Impressive Pokemon Animation

Magnemite Expands Into Magneton in Impressive Pokemon Animation ...

Gamers have developed their own animated content based off of the Pokemon series for some time. Oftentimes the videos show the world of the franchise at work, showcasing events such as pocket monsters evolving. The Pokemon animations that artists have created allow them to experiment with their knowledge to see how the series'' universe will function.

Magnemite was initially an Electric-type but received the secondary Steel-type when it was added to Pokemon Gold and Silver. It then evolves into Magneton, which then becomes Magnezone, a pocket monster that was later introduced in Generation 4.

An artist who took the name TheRevivalProd created an animated video showing the Magnemite''s evolution. The video begins with a lone Magnemite floating around what looks like a factory to the cartoon "Peace and Love (On Planet Earth)" from the Steven Universe cartoon. The Pokemon begins to appear to be glitch when two additional types of magneton come flying into the screen and attach to it, making the pocket monster more exciting. It is an interesting insight into how Magneton would evolve and why

On Reddit, the video depicting the Magnemite animation, which many said was good, but they don''t know if the Magneton was owned by a different trainer, and who the resulting Pokemon would stay with. It also highlights a few questions, but the video is well done, though it shows an interesting way of the making the Electric/Steel-type.

A short video illustrating the Pokemon Kakuna growing into a Beedrill is created by Dave Ashby, who plays it on a tree near a hive, and gives it a peek at it. Ashby''s video demonstrates a Pokemon fan who is fascinated by the game''s history by their art and making plays for them.

On November 18, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on Nintendo Switch.