Multiplayer Player on the Nintendo Switch Isn't Supported By No Man's Sky

Multiplayer Player on the Nintendo Switch Isn't Supported By No Man's Sky ...

No Man''s Sky is set to Nintendo Switch with all six years of updates, but it will not include multiplayer. You''ll be charting the galaxy on your lonesome, brooding among the stars.

This feature is absent from the Switch store listing, according to Eurogamer. It was originally a launch feature, but it allowed family to explore the unknown and construct outposts together, a long-awaited promise from the marketing that caused a lot of buzz when finally added.

Switch players will not be playing until the game is released, while it appears to be repeating the game''s history. However, developer Hello Games did not say whether or not the game would include implementing co-op down the line. We''ll have to wait and see.

"No Man''s Sky on this tiny portable device is both completely natural and improbably at the same time," said Hello Games'' founder. "This is a true moonshot for our small business. No Man''s Sky is built around procedural testing, which means the console generates everything you see. This makes it so much harder to bring our game to something like the Switch, but I think this team never feels happier when they are trying to do mundane things.

There is a physical PS5 version that is releasing while you play, but the best you can gain on Switch is sitting in the same room while you play, charting a galaxy very distant from each other. Switch can select it up on October 7 for, although it is not the only new platform that it is being used for.

There is already No Man''s Sky VR, but Hello Games isn''t done there. It''s bringing it to PSVR2, which is complete with improved performance and graphics, aiming to make the experience even more immersive as you grapple with the all-new space whales while flying around the stars, causing the experience to fall short. These may also come to the PC version, but expect some VR upgrades in the future.