The top 50 players in TFTs Xayah are popular

The top 50 players in TFTs Xayah are popular ...

It''s no secret that there is a huge competitive competition for the Riot Games library of titles, including the mobile auto chess game, Teamfight Tactics, and thanks to a new post on Reddit, we now know that 47 of the top 50 players all have a champion in common. Yes, three of these players do not use this particular unit.

It turns out that Teamfight Tactics Xayah is a bit of a beast, just look at the u/bitey87s Reddit post, in which you can see the table for the world''s top 50 ranked TFT players, and sure enough, only three of them dont use this unit. If you are unfamiliar with TFTs Xayah, your origin is Ragewing, while her class is Swiftshot, and yes, she can cause a variety of problems for your opponent

Due to her skill and origin, Xayah can attack with great speed for your adversar, and it feels like they have no breathing room with her on the battlefield. Naturally, this means that there is a price to bring her into play, but she is a four-cost, but she''s certainly worth the headache.

Which other units are most popular among TFTs top 50 players?

Shyvana, along with Yasuo, appears to be a frequent pick for the top 50 Teamfight Tactics players. Generally speaking, if you look at the table, it''s not that uncommon for all three of these players to appear on the same team.

TeamfightTactics is a team of 50 international players, each with only three.

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