Hello Games reveals that No Mans Sky will be released as a single-player game

Hello Games reveals that No Mans Sky will be released as a single-player game ...

Nobody predicted a Switch release for No Mans Sky in the near future, but gamers everywhere were surprised by an announcement in a blog post from the games website that No Mans Sky was set to release during summer 2022.

Yesterday, a developer update announced that the game will likely be subjected to a brief delay, but will also include a physical release on the date of October 7, 2022.

Fans were left feeling a bit towards the bottom of the announcement, which claimed that the No Mans Sky Switch Edition will continue to be a single-player experience, and that the Switch edition will continue to benefit from ongoing development following the release.

The multiplayer aspect played a key role in how players spent their time inside the game. While multiplayer was a regular part of survival, exploration, combat, and trade, so avoiding playing with friends and strangers from across the globe is unlikely to change the whole experience of the game on the Switch.

Fans of the Switch game who were looking forward to the Switch release may still be optimistic about the multiplayer capability in the game, according to developers. For example, the No Mans Sky will be single-player at the start of the game, and the game will be developed after the launch.

This may be a good idea for Hello Games to switch to multiplayer sometime in the future, since this would not only delight users, but also benefit the studio itself.