A former Days Gone Director has opened a new studio to develop the "First True Web 3.0" game

A former Days Gone Director has opened a new studio to develop the "First True Web 3.0" game ...

Former Days Gone creative director John Garvin and former head of PlayStation''s Visual Arts Michael Mumbaeur have teamed together to create a new studio. Its first game is a blockchain title called Ashfall, which is labeled as the "first true Web 3.0 triple-A title for PC, console, and the Hedera network."

Ashfall is ironically an open-world game where the world has been exposed to global warming. Blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency are all energy-intensive, leaving a huge carbon footprint, but the game will also start as a narrative-driven single-player game before joining out into PvP and PvE.

The Hedera network is a blockchain platform that allows players to buy, sell, build, and trade in "exclusivity," implying that Ashfall''s scavenging and discovery elements could be identified. However, nothing has been said about how the studio intends to keep its use of blockchain environmentally friendly.

Garvin was recalled from his position at Bend Studio for being a "disruptive person," with him himself even declaring that he "had a few heated arguments." Mumbaeur refinished Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Days Gone, before he left to discover That''s No Moon, which he left within a year.

"It''s like getting the band back together," Garvin said. "We''re going to do something really exciting and new," he added. "It''s like getting the band back together. We''re constantly engaged in developing new technologies to help users generate desired results. As always, we''re focused on creating beloved characters, captivating stories, and evolution, as well as a world worth exploring. Not just in games, but in other media as well."

Ashfall''s new studio is centered on a "cinematic transmedia world," but it''s evident that both parties have ambitions beyond games. The studio was so well referred to as a "triple-A gaming and entertainment studio."