The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative: How to Find the Keypad Code in Tokikos' office

The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative: How to Find the Keypad Code in Tokikos' office ...

The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative is a visual novel with a strong fusion of puzzles, some of which follow the strange type of dream logic you might expect from a story that dives deep into the casts subconscious. However, an investigation in Chapter 2 may ask for a keypad code in the company''s office, but the answer might not be immediately obvious to many players. Here''s everything you need to know if you need to solve it.

The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative''s keypad is how to locate it, according to Tokikos'' office in AI.

As you visit Tokiko in her office, the Somnium Files nirvanA initiative punches that classic detective situation. This is a closed-door murder mystery, where no one has entered or exited the room for hours, yet she has still met her untimely ending. It''s time to get to work after questioning her bodyguard long enough to confirm his story.

As you investigate the Tokikos murder at the hands of the Half Body Serial Killer, you''ll have the opportunity to explore the room and see Ryuki''s surroundings. You will quickly get into the moving statues that flank her desk, as well as the infrared beams that are being fired across the room. You must then switch between normal, infrared, and X-Ray vision to detect all of the clues in the room. These include the numbers hidden on the front of the desk which only become

Checking the desk will also require you to switch between vision modes. Look at it normally will reveal the familiar Nonuple-X design on the wall. Select infrared vision and youll see the seven squares glowing with electric energy. At this point, we need to know the keypad code in the Tokikos office, but we must look around more a bit before getting to that point.

Finish your investigation into the room by discovering the statues that flank the desk, uncovering the rails that allow them to move, and confirming some facts about the Tokikos corpse itself. After you have checked everything, the game will lead you to the re-enactment portion, where Toma and Ryuki try to determine how the killer got into the room undetected.

Toma will as Ryuki how he plans to place the statues in place. The correct answer here is Use Force, but there is no penalty for not answering anything else to both questions except to seeing Toma berate the young detective. Soon, shell ask him for the keypad that was behind the Nonuple-X design on the far wall.

This aspect of the investigation isn''t immediately obvious, especially given that you cannot look at the photographs saved during your search of the house. The Nonuple-X design is crucial, which corresponds to the size of the numbers found on the Tokikos desk. Shell berate you and put the two designs on top of each other, as shown below.

The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative consists of the alignment between the boxes at the bottom of the Nonuple-X design as well as the Xs that make up the design here. Here, you will need to do some basic multiplication to determine the correct sequence for the keypad code.

In the order presented, multiply the numbers in each column together and enter them into the keypad. After doing so, remembering that each column with a zero will end up as zero. The following sequence is

4 9 0 1 0 9 5

This will give you the correct keypad in Tokikos''s office in AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative, which allows you to learn more and earn a little praise from Toma for your efforts.