The release date for the God of War Ragnarok State of Play is being teased by a reliable leaker

The release date for the God of War Ragnarok State of Play is being teased by a reliable leaker ...

A prominent and reliable leaker suggested that a state of War Ragnarok State of Play might be available soon. It may also reveal the release date for the long-anticipated title.

After months of worry, players are still hoping for a God of War Ragnarok release in 2022. In fact, the developers at Santa Monica Studios had to reassure fans that no delay would take place.

However, there is still no indication on when God of War Ragnarok will be available for playmen. There were some teases of God of Ragnarok at Summer Game Fest, but it wasn''t seen.

He may not be able to wait long for God of War fans, as a prominent leaker has begun easing a God of War Ragnarok State of Play which might be soon.

The release date for God of War Ragnarok might be revealed in the state of play next week.

The Snitch, a recent leaker that has verified many of their findings, has teased God of War Ragnarok.

The Snitch, announcing a GIF of Kratos, edited some zeros and ones in a set order at the bottom of the GIF.

Normally, this might not seem like much. However, the numbers (1,1,1,0) extend from binary to 30. Considering how many observations The Snitch has received, the binary numbers may be a clue.

On a Thursday, the 30th of June is celebrated. State of Plays is known for being live on Thursday. The GIF is available here.

Given the fact that God of War Ragnarok was recently rated in South Korea, it''s very probable that a release date will be revealed soon.

Then, consider putting this in a pinch of salt. Non only can leakers avoid doing anything wrong, but everything is also possible and moved behind the scenes.

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