Galarian Legendary Birds & Cowboy Snorlax is revealed in a Pokemon GO leak

Galarian Legendary Birds & Cowboy Snorlax is revealed in a Pokemon GO leak ...

A new Pokemon GO datamine has revealed that the Legendary Birds'' Galarian forms will be coming to the game as well as shown the first look at Cowboy Hat Snorlax!

Pokemon GO players are always looking forward to seeing more of the next Pokemon, and it appears like the Season of GO will have plenty of them.

Out of a new fan-favorite Mega Pokemon, there should be plenty of additional Pokemon making their debut later on in the season.

Some of these are confirmed, like the three brand-new Ultra Beasts coming to Pokemon GO Fests, while others have been revealed by datamines.

The latest Pokemon GO datamine has revealed that classic Pokemon Legendaries are on the way. See what they will be similar to in-game!

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Galarian Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Cowboy Hat Snorlax are revealed in the Pokemon GO Datamine.

A previous Pokemon GO datamine has previously revealed that a new form of ultra-rare Pokemon will be coming soon. This isnt the only different form of a popular Mon that will be available in the near future.

PokeMiners has been looking at the Pokemon GO game files and has discovered a few new additions.

While Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have been in Pokemon GO for years, their Galarian limbs haven''t yet been included in the game, but it appears they''ll be on the way very soon.

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The datamine has not only implied that the Legendary Birds versions of the Galaraian should be released soon, but also demonstrated how they will appear in the game.

Plus, it gives players a first glimpse of Cowboy Hat Snorlax. This costumed Mon will be appearing at the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest dates!

Niantic intends to make some official announcements on Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres'' Galar regional flavors soon.

Check out what these new Pokemon look like in-game below. Along with over 50 new Pokemon, the Galarian Legendary Birds will hopefully be introduced later in the Season of GO!

The New Ultra Beasts were not only pushed, but the Galar Birds were also as well! Check them out!

Make sure you understand how to catch the new Pokemon GO Ultra Beasts! There are three new ones that will be coming to the game very soon!

The shiny Meltan will be available for a limited period of time on Pokemon GO! However, youll want to act quickly, as time is already running out.