Today, the new map for PUBGs will be revealed, and it's a significant one

Today, the new map for PUBGs will be revealed, and it's a significant one ...

The next map for the PUBGs will be revealed during a developer livestream on June 24, and the new arena for the online battle royale looks like a big one, roughly the size of the beloved Erangel and Miramar maps.

The PUBG Dev Team will stream a stream on its YouTube channel beginning at 10PM PDT Friday or roughly 6AM Saturday UK time. Destroyed buildings, falling docks, and automobiles submerged underwater indicate an almost post-apocalyptic visual appearance. However, Deston, from what we know, is elevating this concept to new heights.

Gloomy, dark, dangerous, and beautiful.

On Deston, you await a world of new experiences!

Tomorrow will be more discussed with the DevTalk!


The development of 88 units will be centered on close-quarters and building-to-building confrontation, according to Deston''s. While pecado and Georgopol always provide the strongest and tensest encounters, you and your squadmates marvel at the approaching gunfire here. If Deston can deliver this, in more concentrated bursts than the slightly oversupple Erangel and Miramar, then it''s certainly something to anticipate.

Deston''s PUBG Developers are also developing new, exclusive mechanics. Whether this is new vehicles, new weapons, or map-specific equipment will likely be revealed during the stream, when developers and PUBG partners will participate in a livebattleon the new map.

You may subscribe to Krafton and link your YouTube or Twitch accounts to watch the stream. Included are a Deston emblem and ten contraband coupons. The coupons will be delivered to you immediately, but the emblem will not land in your hands until July 13, suggesting a possible launch date for the brand new arena.