The Accessibility-Focused Update for Dead Cells adds assist mode, difficult choices, and more

The Accessibility-Focused Update for Dead Cells adds assist mode, difficult choices, and more ...

Dead Cells, which features roguelike motion pictures from Motion Twin and Evil Empire, has received another fresh update as of yesterday, and it''s a good one.

The studios have collaborated with AbleGamers and members of the Dead Cells community to enable players who struggle to, or cannot, to experience the game as we intended. During beta testing, we found that some individuals who do not need Assist Mode will use it, thus they will not play Dead Cells as a dangerous villain.

Some of the most recent features include an Assist Mode, where you may select how many lives you have (1, 3, 7, or infinite), turn on auto-hit, select an option to reveal the entire map, and adjust the damage you receive. Additional features include the ability to change the font, new difficulty modes, and simplify status icons, turn off blood, and additional inputs for certain movements.

These are fantastic enhancements to the game and will bolster it for those who have been hesitant to try out Dead Cells before or have struggled with the roguelike genre.

The ''Breaking Barriers'' version of Dead Cells'' has a list of all the changes.


Particular features

-Continue mode every time you die you can resurrect from the start of the biome. (this effectively existed by quitting the game when you die, now it''s just ''official.'') - Auto-hit mode automatically target nearby enemies with your primary melee weapon. - Adjustable parry window and trap speed

New Gameplay Options: - Hold to jump. - Hold to roll. - Shield toggle option, instead of long press.

New Input Options: - Customisable Long Interact input. - Customisable Dive Attack input. - Customisable functions for the left Stick, right Stick, and D-Pad.

Customize HUD transparency and size. - New font option: Arial. - Customize Brutality / Tactic / Survival colors. - Display critical strike feedback on the HUD. - Display effect icons in item descriptions. - Outlines for Beheaded, Enemies, Skills, Projectiles, and Secrets. - Reduce the number of particles.

New Sound Options: - Customize categories of sound effects individually (active, enemies, environment, etc.) - Added a customizable sound priority system, which allows users to reduce the number of sounds at once.

Balancing - Barnacle: many bug fixes. It should be more reliable when it comes to reworking, since it doesn''t send enemies flying around (often in your head), but instead points them towards the explosion. - Biters pets: now in % instead of a flat bonus. No other difference functionally speaking. - Crowbar: Most beginner items have significantly reduced, as it is less tedious for new players and to make new items a viable unlock option while looking out flask, gold

Graphics & UI- Added an option to change the text size of Item Names, Item Descriptions, and Dialogues. (Update 29.1) - Added a new font to choose from: "Adys." (Update 29.1) - Texts in the Stat Selection Menu no longer use "Red", "Purple," "Green," but "Brutality," "Tactic," and "Survival.

Quality of life- Reworked all of the player animations to correctly display the head behind the body when needed. - Added a new Update Pop-up that displays all the information about our latest update when you start the game for the first time. (Update 29.2)

Bug fixes- Thunder Shield is no longer considered to be a ranged weapon. (Update 29.1) - Fixed Face Flask''s "Volley of Arrows" affix without any damage. (Update 29.1) - Fixed a bug where scrolling in the options felt "bumpy"

Dead Cells will release more information this year, with both developers promising further updates, including more biomes, as part of future free updates. We''ll never stop playing at this rate!

Over the years, accessibility in gaming has improved steadily, and with organizations like AbleGamers increasing their awareness and assisting in adding new features to all kinds of video games from all shapes and sizes, things can only continue to improve.

Are you still playing Dead Cells? Or is this update causing you to be more tempted to dive in for the first time? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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