A Diablo Immortal fan converts 600 million WoW gold into microtransactions

A Diablo Immortal fan converts 600 million WoW gold into microtransactions ...

One player in Diablo Immortal was discovered after spending over $15,000 to get one max rank legendary gem but onecunning fan has found a somewhat unique method, converting over 600 million WoW gold into Blizzard credit to spend on the RPG games microtransactions. Reddit user daymeeuhn explained how they sold off a large number of BlizzCon mounts to fund their search for gems.

A bunch of loot cards from years ago, when Blizzard mailed them out at BlizzCon events, according to daymeeuhn. Often, they ended up sitting in a drawer collecting dirt for years. With the introduction of Diablo Immortal on PC, they realized that if they turned these into in-game gold, they might purchase WoW tokens from the MMORPGs auction house, which can then be converted into $15 Blizzard store credit per token.

I spent the month of May reviewing some old guidelines for Spectral Tigers and what you in-game for gold, but daymeeuhn continues, stating that this process is a fair game under World of Warcraft''s TOS and that they never involved real-money transactions. I had no interest in selling any gold for USD, as it is very difficult to do and it''s quite easy to get banned.

By the end of the experiment, 6,497 total runes were collected across a total of 2,165 elder rifts, which adds to a total of $48,648 spent, or 3,243 WoW tokens. Daymeeuhn notes that the transaction took three weeks to complete and that they even managed to remove the auction houses entire stock of tokens at one point.

How many thousand WoW gold will you get in Diablo Immortal? By the end of the project, daymeeuhn had reached 7,000 resonance, increasing their base equipment attributes by 350% and unlocked four of the five resonating bonuses. That''s why they were so ill-prepared to stop at this point and say it was a day. That said, their power was still enough to feed on cash streamers like jtisallbusiness, a Twitch streamer who claims to have

I thought it would be quite beneficial if you was dunking on a cash whale as a gold whale, referring to the terminology often used for large-scale games microtransactions. Their character is Naecabon, on the Prime Evils server, if you are interested in seeing them for yourself.

This isn''t the first time daymeeuhn has been in the news, and either those who are nostalgic may remember them as the person who spent $1,300 on an early copy of No Mans Sky before discussing it briefly before declaring they would not be interested in covering too many of the space games information ahead of time.

Even if you don''t have 600 million WoW gold to invest yourself, our best Diablo Immortal builds list should be helpful to you. Blizzard is already improving the games first update and new story content, so it appears to be plenty on the horizon.