In Dead by Daylight, what is the shrine of secrets? (June 24)

In Dead by Daylight, what is the shrine of secrets? (June 24) ...

Dead by Daylight is a comprehensive arcade game store where players may buy new cosmetics for their Survivors and Killers. Its also where you may purchase DLC packs. Each day, a section of the store called the Shrine of Secrets is restored, offering four unique teachable perks to players with the cash to pay for them. This guide explains what the Shrine of Secrets is and outlines which teachable perks are currently available.

Shrine of Secrets for June 24

The lessonable benefits in the Shrine of Secrets on June 24 are the following.

  • Adrenaline (1500 Iridescent Shards): Instantly heal one health state and sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for 5 seconds once the exit gates are powered.
  • Stridor (1500 Iridescent Shards): Makes the breathing of Survivors in pain 25% louder for Killers, but regular breathing is 0% louder.
  • Streetwise (1500 Iridescent Shards): Reduces item consumption rate by 15% for you and any allies within 8 meters. Once out of range, the effect persists for 15 seconds.
  • A Nurses Calling (1500 Iridescent Shards): The auras of Survivors who are healing or being healed are revealed when within 20 meters of you.

Which teachable perks should you buy?

Two well-known benefits come out to us in today''s offering. A Nurses Calling is an incredible skill that will make playing as the Nurse much easier and might assist you overcome several difficulties with the added knowledge of all healing Survivors. Right now, Streetwise is the best Survivor perk because it will assist you repair generators much faster. These two are the best in our opinion.

What is the Shrine of Secrets?

This section of the Dead by Daylight store has four teachable features, including Iridescent Shards, a currency gained during games in Dead by Daylight. Unlike other events, the Shrine of Secrets can be upgraded once a week, although it may be used more frequently. After discovering these teachable perks, you will need to spend Bloodpoints in the Bloodweb with Killers and Survivors to discover and utilize them.