Georgie Parker, star of Home and Away, teases Martha's illness narrative

Georgie Parker, star of Home and Away, teases Martha's illness narrative ...

UK viewers follow up on Home and Away spoilers.

Georgie Parker discusses Martha Stewart''s illness storyline on Home and Away and what she thinks might happen next for her character Roo.

Fans will know that Martha has been unwell for a number of months, with UK viewers expected to see her daughter donate a kidney in an attempt to save her life.

Georgie admitted to Digital Spy exclusively that she has felt "quite responsible in many ways" after reflecting on her filming the story.

"It''s quite distressing to see how much it''s affected Alf to see his wife so ill, and that''s affecting Roo in many ways," Parker said.

"She feels a great sense of responsibility in helping her mother keep her alive, partly for her own sake, as Martha has only lived in her life for a few years, and also for her father. If she can assist out in any way, she''ll be fine."

Roo admitted that despite her initial hesitation, she regretted that Martha accepts to take the procedure ahead of him, declaring: ''Why did they go through all of that just for Martha to change her mind?'', but that''s drama and that''s what people do.

"Everything you do is to keep an eye on what you do, regardless of what happens. If you''ve gone through danger, then you''ll do whatever you can, according to Roo.

"I think it''s never really been an easy relationship with them both," Georgie said. "Roo and Martha don''t know one other that much, but they understand each other. "It''s a different thing that Alf and Martha have discovered once more and fell in love again in many ways.

"For Roo, this is the mother who wasn''t her mother. She understands why she left, and why she returned, but they don''t know what she is doing.

"They''ve had to make an understanding Roo is very grateful she returned, but it doesn''t make it easy. I think she''s so grateful Martha has said yes and Roo can assist with the situation."

"You won''t see too much of the reality, but viewers will be able to understand the emotional dilemma and the drama around it," the actress said.

"It''s not a medical show, but we can''t go into too much of what''s actually involved in kidney donation as it''s quite extensive." We compressed all of that a bit. All of the things that happen, but in a compressed timeframe.

"I had a friend who went through the process she had to lose a certain amount of weight before the operation, eat certain foods, and there were a few steps she had to take after recovering."

Going forward, Georgie said there will be less for the Stewarts "to butt their heads about," adding that: "Once Martha completes the tasks necessary to improve her health, everyone starts to relax and see things heading in the correct direction." The idea of her dying, which was incredibly distressing for everyone."

"She''s getting a bit more independent and is engulfed!" Roo says. I think it''s nice when she''s not always with her parents. "She''s actually extremely fun and relaxed. It''s nice to play that."

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The show on Channel 7 in Australia airs Mondays to Thursdays and streams on 7plus.

In the United Kingdom, select classic episodes are available through Amazon Prime Video.

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