The best Pokemon in Pokemon Go is the ultimate guide

The best Pokemon in Pokemon Go is the ultimate guide ...

You want to be the very best, right? Weve created this ultimate guide to the worlds greatest, for example, and for that, it''s personal choice. There may be a lot of one trainers treasure, or another one trainers trash. We know that this debate will continue to divide Pokemon Go players, but there are certain Pokemon out there that should never be ruled out.

Weve created a list of what we consider to be the best mons in the Pokemon Go game. But what should be taken into account when it comes to defining the best? Well, for this guide, weve opted to select the best of the best, but we also divided our lists to highlight which excel in defense, which in attack, and which in both. Although you may have a preference depending on your play style.

A lot of battles will be held at the end of the day, and for this reason, you will need Pokemon that will stand the test of time. We don''t mean fan favorites. We should also mention the Pokemon that were initially looking at PVE rather than PVP.

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The best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Type:PsychicStrengths:attackWeaknesses:bug, dark, and ghostBest moves:confusion and psystrike

Mewtwo is a great all-rounder that will add a lot to your team when it comes to max CP, with over 4,000 people. It''s also one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, with massive attack stats to boot. Mewtwo is famous for its devastating psychic moves, not forgetting its Team Rocket origin story.

Type:normalStrengths:defenceWeaknesses:fightingBest moves:yawn and body slam

Slaking is rated the technically strongest Pokemon in the game, with 5,010 CP, but stats alone will perform well in battle. However, although its not all about stats, it kind of is as well, especially when they''re this good. Slaking works great with the next Pokemon on our list, Blissey, to strengthen the defensive strength in your team. Slaking is dangerous.

AttackWeaknesses:fairy, flying, and psychicBest moves:counter and dynamic punch

Machamp is a fighter, but defensive Pokemon have a strong weakness to their attacks. So, Machamp has an advantage when unleashing its counter and dynamic punch moves. This Pokemon is particularly useful in raids and gyms, while giving it a spot on our offensive line-up.

Strength:normalStrengths:defenceWeaknesses: fightingBest moves: pound and hyper beam

Blissey is considered one of the finest Pokemon Go tanks. She is the pink and wonderful empress of gen two. She is capable of punching up like nobody else''s business, even against counterattacks. Before you take off the fight, Blissey will stand strong on your frontline, wearing down the opposition and weakening them. The smartest way to get the most out of your fights is to recognize Blissey''s fitness as a gym mainstay.

Type:steel/psychicStrengths:defenceWeaknesses:dark, fire, ghost, and groundBest moves:bullet punch and meteor mash

When it comes to choosing whether to include this Pokemon on our list, the Metagross meteor mash feature. As mentioned, most defensive Pokemon do well against Machamp in attack, but Metagross does. This Pokemon will be steadfast in battle, allowing for additional chances to perform its moves, such as a bullet punch that boasts a great DPS when combined with the charged move, and a meteor mash.

Type:fighting/steelStrengths:attackWeaknesses:fighting, fire, and groundBest moves:counter and aura sphere

Being a steel Pokemon gives Lucario the tools to cope with other types of attacks. Its dual typing of fighting and steelmeans it gives Lucario the advantage. Aura sphere is a charged move that only reinforces its capability of being a powerful attacker. While Machamp isn''t as powerful as Machamp, Lucario is not to be surprised when it comes to getting involved.

Dragon tail and draco meteor are known as "dragon/flyingStrengths."DefenceWeaknesses:Dragon, fire, ice, and rockBest moves: Dragon tail and draco meteor

There are a few things to choose from when it comes to dragons and, arguably, Dragonite does not always come out on top because it has manyattributes we like. Dragonite is a great attacker, but you can pick it up easily, and you won''t need special treats to level it up. They''re not easy to find, so youll have to do your research. He is a powerful in defence.

AttackWeaknesses:electric and grassBest moves:waterfall and surf

Kyogre is a great counter attacker for any Pokemon weak to water-type Pokemon. This means Kyogre is excellent against fire, rock, and ground-type Pokemon. Imagine it also rainy then what? Domination.

Dragon/flyingStrengths:attackWeaknesses: Dragon, fairy, ice, and rockBest moves: Dragon tail and outrage

Rayquaza, a flying attacker, is up there even with base-level dragon stats. With the Dragon tail and outrage combo, you''ve got yourself the highest DPS for a dragon Pokemon in the game. However, Rayquaza is only available through legendary raids, so we recommend using some of the other Pokemon on our list to acquire this dragon.

BothWeaknesses:bug, fairy, fighting, grass, ground, steel, and iceBest moves: bite and stone edge

Tyranitar holds its own above the other rock/dark dual types out there. Anditsbite''s move gets the most out of this dark-type. A few shortcomings to its name contrast with the fact that it is also strong against a slew of types, putting Tyranitar on our list.

Honorary mentions go to Groudon, Snorlax, Togekiss, and Salamence. Theyre also great choices, but they fall short of our top ten spots with other Pokemon coming out on top. While we have you, why not check out our online guide to the best Pokemon Go maps and Pokemon Go codes?