In Loot, the star of The Good Place explains her new character's challenge

In Loot, the star of The Good Place explains her new character's challenge ...

Maya Rudolph of The Good Place has taken a stand back against her portrayal of Molly Novak in Apple TV+''s latest comedy series Loot.

Story-wise, her billionaire character''s husband is a cheat, which sends poor Molly into a very public downward spiral.

Molly embarks on a journey of self-discovery after discovering that she''s getting a charity foundation to handle the down-to-earth Sofia Salinas (Golden Globe winner Michaela Jae Rodriguez) and understanding how giving back to others might just change her life.

Rudolph describes juggling this character''s dangerous personality traits in Catching Up with Digital Spy and Other Press.

"Absolutely it was a challenge," she said, adding that it was crucial for me to get a balance for her and to be interested and invested in her story. It was important that she wasn''t just a billionaire, because what we really wanted to discover was how she got there.

"And once all of that is removed, she''s forced to ask herself these questions of: what do I really want? Is this the path I wanted my life to take, because it''s so based on someone else''s dreams?"

"And I think it''s... whether or not we''re talking about billionaires, we discover ourselves, sometimes in life, asking ourselves: ''Is this really what I want to do with my life?'' or ''Who did I want to be before I chose to sacrifice it for someone else or something else?''

Rudolph will soon be seen in Disenchanted as the nefarious Malvina Monroe. This sequel to Enchanted will be released on Disney+ in November.

Loot is now available on Apple TV+.

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