EastEnders reveals a horrifying new story for the Mitchell family

EastEnders reveals a horrifying new story for the Mitchell family ...

The spoilers for EastEnders are following.

EastEnders has teased that Albert Square will be hit by "some terrible news" next month.

Phil Mitchell has been identified as the one to watch in new teaser spoilers for early next month, as he has faced his most significant challenge to date.

Phil (Steve McFadden) is currently in prison but will be taking center stage in a new story, which will see his life once more unrest.

Short spoilers for the week starting Monday, July 4, have revealed that Phil will have new issues when he becomes a "lethal enemy."

DCI Samantha Keeble, a police officer who is concerned about his safety, offers him a replacement, but it appears it might be too little and too late as some sad news arrives later the Square.

According to the following guidelines, the most recent set of episode billings are.

Monday, July 4, (7.30pm)

As Mitch''s estranged brother arrives in Albert Square, Phil makes a lethal enemy in prison, but Keeble offers him a new way out. Stacey gets a reality check.

Monday, July 4 (8pm)

Phil receives a sinister warning, Mitch refuses to give his brother the time of day, and Mick tries to assist Linda ahead of a crucial meeting.

Tuesday, July 5th

Phil may be aided by anyone? Linda makes a significant step forward, and Mitch sees his brother''s true qualities.

Thursday, July 6, the week 6th of July

As tensions between Ben and Peter simmer, Albert Square is hit by some terrible news. Kathy struggles to keep her family together.

As Mitch''s brother Avery arrives on the Square, it''s also a big week for the Taylor and Baker clan.

Omar Lye-Fook has taken on the role of Avery, who will soon be joined by his sons Felix and Finlay, played by Matthew Morrison and Ashley Byam.

The new schedules include a minor scheduling change that week, with EastEnders launching two times on Monday, July 4, with no episode on Wednesday, July 6.

EastEnders will depart temporarily from Monday to June 27, while Wimbledon 2022 will be broadcast on BBC One for the next few weeks.

Despite the good news, all episodes of BBC iPlayer will be released early this time.

All four episodes will be canceled every Monday from June 27 to the middle of August.

On BBC One, EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 7.30pm and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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