No Mans Sky Online content is not coming up with the Switch release

No Mans Sky Online content is not coming up with the Switch release ...

The almost infinite planets of No Mans Sky are coming to Switch, but the news of a release date also comes with the bitter pill that at launch, this space exploration title will be a solo exclusive experience. However, this doesn''t leave you with nothing to do by a long shot, it does mean you won''t be able to adventure with friends from the off.

Some say the announcement that the No Mans Sky online content will not be available from the offset is disappointing, but it doesn''t mean you can''t hold hope for multiplayer content to arrive further down the line. There are few games out there that have expanded following their original release like No Mans Sky, and few developers are as dedicated to improving the player experience as Hello Games.

What you can expect at the launch is all the procedurally generated goodness that makes space explorations through the infinities of No Mans Sky that bit more unique. Only this year, Hello Games included space whales, yes, you heard that right, space whales made their debut as part of a major expedition, with the developer hinting at even more content on the galactic horizon.

It does seem that Hello Games has had to let something give to obtain its title in its release window for 2022, especially with the design articulation that is required to bring its game to Switch. Despite the fact that eager players will be dissatisfied about the news, it may be music to their ears when it comes to a delay announcement.

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