Minecraft Mobs Become Poppy Playtime Characters on YouTube

Minecraft Mobs Become Poppy Playtime Characters on YouTube ...

Minecraft is something that it may be done so that it feels as though its legacy will be retained forever. Despite the fact that it first made an appearance in 2009, with a full release in 2011, it has still been one of the most watched video games of this year. This longevity can be attributed to the millions of players that do so many creative things in a variety of ways. However, such projects seek to involve things from other gaming franchises, even if the outcome is too horrifying.

In a recent video, halvetone has transformed Minecraft''s mobs into puppets from Poppy Playtime. Over the course of eight minutes and through a rapid succession of jump cuts, viewers get to see them combining Mojang''s IP and transforming them into some of the darkest yet adorable characters from the Iron Golem. It should be noted that these are technically remakes of Minecraft''s 1.19 upgrade.

For those who aren''t familiar with it, MOB Game''s Poppy Playtime is an interesting recent horror game, popularized by YouTube personalities like Markiplier. What makes the game so cruel is its sinister take on what could otherwise be considered innocent and child-friendly. In the latter, it''s animatronics at a family pizza restaurant, while in the latter, it''s cuddly toys at an abandoned toy factory.

Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime has been recently released, and while the first was generally well received, this latest chapter currently has mixed reviews on Steam. The difficulties primarily stem from the fact that Chapter 1 has now become free to download, as well as issues with the overall performance. On the back of that, there has been ongoing concern about the game even since the developer released Poppy Playtime NFTs.

Minecraft has gone down as one of the greatest grossing video games of all time. Those who have played it can easily see the value of it. Even without mods and custom add-ons by users, the vanilla experience alone has near-infinite replay value and a splintered space in which millions of fans can unleash their imagination.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.