Walmart might have a PS5 stock in its store on June 24

Walmart might have a PS5 stock in its store on June 24 ...

As reports arrive on June 24, Walmart might have a new PS5 stock to sell this weekend.

If you are still on the lookout for a next-generation console, you may want to check your local Walmart.

Despite the fact that the major retailer is usually keeping stock behind online declines, some sources suggest that consoles are becoming available in store.

Whether you''re looking for a new PlayStation 5, then today might be the perfect day.

Not only might Walmart have your console, but GameStop is also making a confirmed PS5 upgrade today!

According to reports, Walmart''s PS5 stock is declining in-store.

Walmart is the place to shop for your PS5 on June 24.

Multiple users appear to be verifying that their local store has stock to sell, although not all brick-and-mortar sites will likely be taking part in the drop.

Our first suggestion that an in-store restock might happen was via freeChickenDinner, who noticed numerous comments on Facebook about users discovering PS5 consoles at their local Walmart.

And that''s not all! A post to the popular PS5restock subreddit reveals what is allegedly a dozen PS5s being pushed into a Walmart warehouse.

"Walmart stores may cancel PS5 consoles in-store. I am seeing Walmart PS5 in-store FaceBook posts," says the creator of FreeChickenDinner

The user does not provide proof of contents nor proof that the boxes in question are actually in a Walmart. It''s certain that they were able to snap a picture behind the scenes.

Apparently, several customers are still waiting for their PS5 from Walmarts to fall on June 2; this would not be the stores first time selling consoles before sending out previous purchases.

Hopefully, the stock that''s in stock right now are just extra PS5 units or canceled orders! However, it''s absolutely worth checking your local store if you''re interested.

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