Characters from Crisis Core

Characters from Crisis Core ...

Final Fantasy VII is a great fantasy fantasy ever, and it is with good reason. People love the narrative, but before the story of Cloud Strife, theres Zack Fair. Thats right, and given that the FFVII prequel is getting the beauty treatment, similar to the Final Fantasy VII remake, it''s only natural to wonder about Zack and his story. Assuming youre yet to play it.

If you like a slew of members of the PT staff, youre likely to be very familiar with the events that come before Cloud joins Avalanche in Mako Reactor one. Nevertheless, for those who are not going on this journey, weve put together a Crisis Core characters list so you may familiarize yourself with their faces ahead of the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion release date.

If you prefer Final Fantasy X, you may check out our list of all of the FFVII characters. This is why you should, as long as you know them beforehand. Or, if you prefer Final Fantasy X, you might want to look at our FFX Lulu and FFX Auron guides.

On the Crisis Core characters.

Crisis Core characters

Zack is the man of the hour in Crisis Core, and as great as Cloud is, we must give Zack the edge when it comes to characters from Final Fantasy VII. Hes who you play as on your journey, and he''s just a bit of a badass.

Aerith has a large role in Crisis Core, and that''s why she came to Zack. Yes, before she became acquainted with the ragtag group of misfits in the FFVII, she was involved with Zack. Our FFVII Aerith guide has all of the necessary information you need.

Yes, the guy who everyone knows from Final Fantasy VII is, of course, in Crisis Core, but he just doesn''t take the center stage like Zack, but that''s okay, because Clouds time comes in the main game, and you can check out our FFVII Cloud guide to learn more.

Tifa, Tifa, your sweet sister, anytime she pops up in anything, its a cause of celebration, and she just feels like a supporting character in Crisis Core. Sure, we might list her further down, but its Tifa, and she deserves a little paragraph, even if it''s mostly fan talk. Check out our FFVII Tifa guide to see more information.

Every time we hear this guy name, we cant help but wonder why he will die already? We all know that Sephiroth is a SOLDIER in Crisis Core, and it does not just provide an introduction to the main antagonist of the main game. Check out our FFVII Sephiroth guide to learn more.

And here, the main antagonist of Crisis Core, Genesis Rhapsodos, is a bit of a butthead, and thats not making it lightly, although it might be to his madness. He is a SOLDIER first class, so prepare yourself for an epic fight when the time comes.

Angeal is an interesting character, as he has strong links with Genesis and Sephiroth, the antagonists of Crisis Core and FFVII respectively, but he is also Zacks'' mentor. We don''t intend to give much away here, but he does play a significant role in his defense.

  • Reno
  • Tseng
  • Rude
  • Cissnei
  • Lazard Deusericus
  • Luxiere
  • Kunsel
  • Weiss
  • Nero
  • Dr Hollander
  • Gillian Hewley
  • Clouds mum
  • Professor Hojo
  • Yuffie Kisaragi
  • Minerva

There you have it, and all of the Crisis Core characters you need to know. When you wait for the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion release date, here are some of the best Final Fantasy games to assist you.