Naomie Olindo Discusses Ex Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo's Relationship

Naomie Olindo Discusses Ex Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo's Relationship ...

Naomie Olindo revealed her bond with Craig Conover, her ex-boyfriend, as well as her relationship with Paige DeSorbo, who plays Summer House.

According to People, the Southern Charm stars were dating three years before their 2017 break. Olindo went on to date Metul Shah, but they broke up in 2021 despite a cheating scandal.

Conover has officially begun dating DeSorbo since last fall, but shortly after his split from Natalie Hegnauer and before he became exclusive with DeSorbo he hooked up with Olindo. Both Conover and Olindos Instagram stories indicated that they were in Las Vegas at the same time, and on the Southern Charm season 8 premiere, they both admitted they met up last summer.

Olindo spoke with Conover in a new interview and discussed her experience of his significant new relationship with DeSorbo.

Naomie Olindo considered her relationship with Conover to be a comfort fact.

In a teaser for Us Weekly in June 2022, Olindo revealed that other people and Southern Charm producers made the hookup a much bigger deal than it was to me and Craig.

It was kind of like a time and place thing where its like, okay, I know you, I trust you, we both were like fresh off breakups. This is a real long time ago now, but it was never like, Oh, we need to get back together, blah. It was simply like a comfort thing, and it was a very temporary pleasure.

Olindo admitted that fans wanted her and Conover to get together during an episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her in February 2022, but stated that she will certainly not date the founder again.

I believe you''ll just have to watch the program. I had it all on there, according to the filmmaker.

Conover was admitted to engaging with his ex in Las Vegas because DeSorbo wasn''t exclusive with Conover at the time. Andy Cohen, according to the summer House host, was outraged about the news in May 2022. If youre gonna connect with your ex-girlfriend, then go with it in Las Vegas.

Naomie Olindo told Craig Conovers Girlfriend she likes.

On the eighth season of Southern Charm, viewers will see the relationship. However, Olindo has already confirmed that there is no bad blood between her, Conover, or his actual flame.

I think Paige''s world is remarkable, according to Olindo. I think they are very happy together and I am so happy to see people, like, who tries to pin me in Paige against each other, because it really doesn''t have to be like that. Any, like, misunderstandings that youll have observed throughout the season were so unnecessary because of people in other people''s ears and stuff. I think if you just left it to me and Paige, like, we would be great friends.

Olindo explained that while she is supportive of DeSorbo, they don''t spend time together regularly.

We do not like to hang out on the weekends or anything, but I like following her on Instagram. I think shes got a lot of respect. I think she is kind of excellent. It''s kind of one of those things, like, there are boundaries, but all of those things.

Conover revealed on an episode of the Watch What Happens Live aftershow last fall that DeSorbo had a good time meeting everyone in his circle. At a birthday party for Kathryn Dennis, her first meeting with Olindo sat on the Southern Charm premiere.

I mean, Charlestons is a very imcestuous, small town, and if you''re going to be around, then you''ll be very excited to meet everyone, so she was, unfortunately, forced to become habitual to being in the same room as a lot of people, according to Conover.