7 Horror-Comedies That Are So Bad Theyre Good

7 Horror-Comedies That Are So Bad Theyre Good ...

We want to be entertained. We want to laugh. We want to be afraid. A film will soon strike a chord with the audience. It''s certainly going to be a classic.

Think of Edgar Wright''s beloved zombie film Shaun Of the Dead or Ruben Fleischer''s Zombieland, films that don''t only enthuse our hearts but tickle our funny bones. However, when a film strives to these great heights but misses the mark, the results may be messy. In some instances, horror films are so bad that they''re actually good.

No Medals For Guessing The Threat In This Film Piranha 3D

The film will be able to give Piranha 3D some slack. Just about everybody in town is drinking the water when it comes to it. Although it''s guaranteed you will not be slammed at any point, you''ll likely see yourself laughing hysterically.

Piranha is sure to smile regardless of whether it''s the choppy design of the piranhas themselves or the absurd, exaggerated, and wildly uninteresting actors. Incredibly, Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, and Adam Scott are some of the most recently seen in the critically acclaimed Apple TV series Severance.

Everything It Says In The Tin Has Snakes On A Plane

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the finest actors of our time. He has played Neville Flynn in almost every Quentin Tarantino film, he has used a flashlight to assist the Avengers in the assembly process. It''s arguable that he''s never done anything more memorable than confronting a bunch of snakes while on a plane. He''s also charged with attempting to kill a witness who is preparing to testify against a mob boss.

From Jackson''s famous line, ''I have had enough of these mother***king snakes on this mother***king plane,'' to a snake literally biting a man''s penis. This film is an absolute riot for all the wrong reasons, and after watching it, it''s easy to see why Jackson prefers to produce Oscar-bait films.

Leprechaun Somehow They Made Eight Of These

According to some experts, Jennifer Aniston was a fan of Friends. Unfortunately, those people are wrong. One year before she was first shown as New York''s most stylish woman, Rachel Green, Aniston appeared opposite Warwick Davis in the bizarrely bizarre Leprechaun. The film follows an evil, violent Leprechaun (Davis) on a quest to recover his pot of gold that a family has discovered and claimed for themselves.

Davis makes for a frightening, but wacky villain who spends the whole of the film treading a tightrope between sadistic and cartoonish. In one-on-one situations, he is menacing enough, but some of his killings are utterly ridiculeable. The best example of this is the scene in which he kills a guy with a sharpened pogo stick. Not the most intimidating weapon of choice.

Fantasy Island Nobody''''s Fantasy

The trailer for Fantasy Island was fantastic, with scenic locations, and it was based on a known and appreciated property. However, the film did not fulfill its potential. Far from it, indeed. The actors, which includes Lucy Hale, Michael Pena, and Maggie Q, are all committed to their roles, but are dragged down by a meandering script.

The film does not know if it intends to focus more on scaring viewers or making them laugh, but it does neither. By the film''s conclusion, the jump scares appear to be funnier than jokes. Fantasy Island was once again rebooted, this time into a TV show on FOX.

Did anyone really think this franchise would be beneficial to Sharknado?

What if a bunch of sharks had their eyes locked in a tornado and left the audience stunned? The whole Sharknado franchise was completely unspecified, yet it was broad enough to spawn a six-film franchise filled with celebrity appearances. Everyone from Frankie Muniz to David Hasselhoff made appearances in one of the films, although the appearance is equally terrible.

Fin Shepard''s chainsaw arm is like something out of a teenager''s dream. Despite its limitations, it all combines to create a fantastic film that embraces the ridiculous to the fullest extent.

Zombeavers That''''s Right, Zombie Beavers

People assumed there was nothing new to do with zombies just before going and watching a movie about beaver zombies, completely regenerating interest in the undead. Zombeavers is a low-budget film full of charm and practical effects, based on one of recent scenes. Even if their movement is clunky and comedic, the film gets additional points.

However, when one of the girls is bitten by a zombeaver, which doesn''t just transform her into a zombie, but instead transforms her into a half human, half beaver zombie. If you''re imagining something ridiculous, you''re on the right lines. Zombeavers should be admired for making such an outrageous film on a very low budget.

Scary Movie 5 - Yikes

Although Scary Movie 5 sparked interest in the horror industry, audience members were not interested in it until the time it was released. Unlike other popular horror films, Scary Movie 5 is primarily directed by filmmakers, including Paranormal Activity, The Cabin In the Woods, and Insidious, although the jokes never land as intended. Instead, audience members are horrified by the wooden performances and a tense banter between actors and celebrities.

The film is a joy to watch for all of the wrong reasons, and it''s probable that we will not get another Scary Movie anytime soon. But the sound-alike Morgan Freeman narrator is surprisingly funny. And, a lot of extra points are added.