How to reroll in Disney Mirrorverse

How to reroll in Disney Mirrorverse ...

Some players may start with a good head start on the collection of Guardians before starting out. This strategy is known as rerolling, and it may be something you should look into if your goal is to play Disney Mirrorverse as efficiently as possible.

Initial Guardian pulls

After receiving your first Crystal, you will be given your first Guardian, so make sure to select a top-tier one or the one you like most. Further Crystals can vary from 180 to 280 orbs, which you will receive by completion of missions and stages. However, there are two types of Crystals that are regular with fully random drop rates (cost 180 orbs) and limited-time Crystals that allow you to obtain a specific character (cost 280 orbs). You may also consider revamping until you receive

How to reroll on Android devices

Follow these steps to reroll if you are using Disney Mirrorverse on an Android device. First, go to your devices Settings, then Apps. After that completes the game again, it will ask you if you wish to start a new game or continue with your previous progress. You should choose Start new and begin the process of purchasing your first Guardians from scratch.

How to reroll on iOS devices

If you are using Disney Mirrorverse on an iOS device, there are two options: the first brute-force is to completely delete the game with all files and then reinstall it. The second option is to go to Settings, then Account, and then Sign in. Once you have completed this process, you will need to include + and numbers after your username and the @. Congratulations, you have a fresh Disney Mirrorverse account.