The release date for the Leaker's State of Play and God of War: Ragnarok have been revealed

The release date for the Leaker's State of Play and God of War: Ragnarok have been revealed ...

Fans were instantly surprised by the fresh focus on Norse mythology that was well-known in the series. Initially planned for 2021, God of War Ragnarok was later rescheduled to a new version, but many are still unsure when the game will begin.

Fans have been analyzing everything from tweets to items of clothing to anticipate when God of War Ragnarok will launch. One leaker is easing that they know when the elusive release date will be revealed. Recently, Sony''s State of Play event revealed some titles at Summer Games Fest.

The Snitch is laying a deadlock for fans in anticipation of a new State of Play event, where it''s believed that God of War: Ragnarok will have a big focus. The leaker tweeted a GIF with a smiling Kratos while the numbers 11110 appeared onscreen. This date would coincide with a Thursday, when Sony typically hosts its presentations. This would also make sense when combined with Tom Henderson''s recent prediction that another State of Play would happen at the end of June.

Both PlayStation and Nintendo have additional information to share before June is over, which coincides with the 30th date for a release date for a God of War Ragnarok. Already, fans have a clue when the latest God of War title will drop, with the strongest theory right now referring to a release sometime in November.

The majority of gamers are concerned that God of War: Ragnarok might be moved until 2023, despite a similar fate to several of the earlier major releases expected in 2022. However, tweets from God of War producer Cory Balrog have seemed to mock this notion that the game will be delayed. However, fans are still hoping for a confirmation soon so that their fears may be repressed.

God of War Ragnarok will be released for PS4 and PS5.