Season 12 of Shameless Has Been Renewed or Canceled?

Season 12 of Shameless Has Been Renewed or Canceled? ...

Season 12 of Shameless: Showtime viewers got more laughs and tears than any other program in our history, but this was the first time when Gary Levine, the networks President of Entertainment announced the show''s new status for the first time on the January 2020 television Critics Association winter press tour.

We just felt like 11 seasons is a huge fat number. We just felt it was time, and we also liked the idea of giving John and his team a chance to end the day well, to be able to arrive. continued Mr. Gary.

The program was terminated officially just after the season 11 premiere, describing it as its last one or as the Shamelesss finale.

Even after the official closing announcements, history has shown that shows have rescheduled, so this is what fans were sleeping at. To know why it feels like the show has been ended now, read the entire article.

Season 12 of Shameless has finally been cancelled!What?Why?How?

The producers of the show, no matter how well they sugarcoat it, seemed to very much agree with the decision talking to John Wells, the Hollywood Reporter showrunner. Ive always said, this show is so popular I might play it forever, according to him.

Because they have been such wonderful partners throughout the years, im unhurt to say goodbye.

This statement made another amusing surprise to fans that it might still be reinstated on the 11th of April, the cast shared many nostalgic messages along with the official page of Shameless, including a caption. These are all in our thoughts, so please miss your besties.

This nostalgic piece for viewers was not only nostalgic, but heart-breaking as it splintered all of the potential of other shows from the showrunners. Now its best to unleash all the hopes and maybe return to the previous random episodes for memory.