Crossword Clue, Like Dogs And Cats

Crossword Clue, Like Dogs And Cats ...

Crossword puzzles are a challenging and engaging exercise of your cognitive abilities. It''s quite rewarding, yet difficult to complete a puzzle until complete, according to Pro Game Guides. Below you will find the answer for today''s crossword clue and the letter count in order to solve the puzzle.

Below you can find the answer to today''s Like dogs and cats crossword clue. This list includes several suggestions, as each clue may have many answers. A straightforward method to solve this is to double-check the letter count to confirm if an answer is correct for your puzzle.

Like Dogs And Cats Crossword Answer

The answer to the crossword puzzle about Like dogs and cats is:

  • FURRY (5 letters)

The NYT Mini clue and answer (s) above was last seen on June 24, 2022. It can also be seen across several crossword journals across the globe, including the LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others.

Like dogs and cats Crossword Clue FAQ

A furry is a furry. Besides that, a person who is a fan of animals who behave like humans (cartoon characters, for example) is referred to as a Furry.

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