Tom Hanks Talks 'Elvis,' 'Saving Private Ryan,' and 'Forrest Gump'

Tom Hanks Talks 'Elvis,' 'Saving Private Ryan,' and 'Forrest Gump' ...

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Tom Hanks himself joins ReelBlend to promote his new film Elvis (also starring Austin Butler). He gave us a lot of time to share his experience throughout his career, including breaking down some of the plot elements and cast reactions to the opening of Saving Private Ryan. He also gives some fantastic advice for young actors and gives an incredible moment from working with Paul Newman on Road to Perdition, which teaches him how to proceed. However, the wonderful stories do not end there, so strap in and enjoy.

Following our consultation, we give Elvis'' reviews and even talk about our favorite Tom Hanks films of all time.

Timestamps (approx. only)

Interview with Tom Hanks at 00:08:19

Reactions to the Box Office at 00:55:22

This Week In Films - 01:09:57

Elvis Review 01:13:59

Our Favorite Tom Hanks Films: 01:28:36

Outro: 01:48:11 - Outro

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