The tier of Hearthstone Mercenaries is on the rise

The tier of Hearthstone Mercenaries is on the rise ...

Hearthstone was a free-to-play online digital collectible card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC in March 2014, with ports for iOS and Android both released later that year. This was due to Hearthstone initially sticking to and strengthening the existing lore of the Warcraft series. This was accomplished by using the same elements, characters, and relics present throughout Warcraft.

The game eventually expanded to characters from outside the Warcraft universe, extending to other Blizzard Entertainment game franchises such as Diablo. Despite this, the game also added different modes to its traditional card game system. One of these was the Mercenaries mode.

Mercenaries mode

The mercenaries from this mode were all actual characters from other Blizzard games, but the only purely constructed cards used prior to the release of this mode were also available for the mercenaries.

Due to the number of mercenaries in this mode, we have created a list of the best ones to use. This list is based on an earlier tier list from YouTuber and Hearthstone pro player Thijs Molendijk, along with personal opinion. As such, opinions may vary based on players, but this list will go from weakest to strongest, starting with the D-tier and ending at the S-tier.


The worst tier of mercenaries. Best avoided if better choices are available.

ProtectorTribe: Dragon: AlexstraszaRole

The guardian of every existence is a legendary dragon known as the Aspect of the Red Dragonflight.

CasterTribe: Human: AntonidasRole''s Name: AntonidasRole

The Kirin Tor''s leader and powerful archmage

CasterTribe: Elemental: Baron GeddonRole

A powerful Fire Elemental guarding Zeth''s Rune.

ProtectorTribe: Giant: GruulRole

The overlord of the Ogres of Outland.

Illidan StormrageRole: FighterTribe: Night Elf

The first Demon Hunter, Lord of Outland, and the twin brother of Malfurion Stormrage.

ProtectorTribe: Demon Name: Lord JaraxxusRole

The Burning Legion''s powerful Eredar Demon Lord.

ProtectorTribe: Demon: MannorothRole: ProtectorTribe

The Pit Lords'' leader and most powerful.

CasterTribe: Murloc''s Name: Morgl the OracleRole

A powerful Murloc shaman who is greeted at various points of the world.

MutanusRole: FighterTribe: Murloc

The Wailing Caverns'' strongest creature

FighterTribe: Murloc: Old Murk-EyeRole: FighterTribe

A powerful Murloc that terrorizes the Westfall Lighthouse.

FighterTribe: Demon: RathorianRole

A powerful Felguard that protects the Demon Seed above Dreadmist Peak.

ProtectorTribe: Human Name: Varian WrynnRole

The King of Stormwind and the High King of the Grand Alliance.

VooneRole: FighterTribe: Troll is the name of War Master VooneRole.

An elite Troll fighter who guards Lower Blackrock Spire


Below-average mercenaries are just barely better than the lowest tier.

CasterTribe: Beast, Blink FoxRole

A common rogue fox with the capacity to allow players to draw an additional card.

CasterTribe: Troll: BrukanRole

A legendary Troll shaman who acts as a mentor to younger warriors.

ProtectorTribe: Orc Name: Grommash HellscreamRole

The late legendary bosstain of the Warsong clan and best friend of Warchief Thrall

CasterTribe: Tauren: Guff RunetotemRole

Tauren Druid, famous for its powerful nature spells, is a legend.

King KrushRole: FighterTribe: Beast No.

A very dangerous Devilsaur that stalks the Sholazar Basin.

ProtectorTribe: Beast: King MuklaRole''s Name: King MuklaRole

A huge Skymane Gorilla is engulfed the Jaguero Island.

FighterTribe: Night Elf is her name: Lady AnacondraRole.

One of the Fanglords of the Druids of the Fang

Millhouse ManastormRole: CasterTribe: Gnome

With his wife, Gnome is the most powerful mage.

ProtectorTribe: Elemental: RagnarosRole

The Most Powerful Elemental Lord of Fire.

FighterTribe: Half-Orc: RexxarRole: FighterTribe

The Horde''s Half-Orc, Half-Ogre

Scabbs CutterbutterRole: FighterTribe: Gnome

A legendary Gnome fighter who isn''t afraid to use dirty tactics.

FighterTribe: Dwarf: Tavish StormpikeRole

A well-known Dwarf fighter with a keen eye for beast taming.

FighterTribe: Night Elf No. : TyrandeRole

The highest-ranking Night Elf priestess and the wife of Malfurion Stormrage.


Powerful mercenaries that just fall short of the top tiers are the middle-of-the-road warriors.

CasterTribe: Human: Name: Anduin WrynnRole

The King of Stormwind, a powerful mage

CasterTribe: Dragon Name: BrightwingRole

In the Emerald Dreamway, a powerful Faerie Dragon.

ProtectorTribe: Human Name: Cornelius RoameRole

A legendary human warrior whose daughters suffered a tragic fate.

CasterTribe: Human: Jaina ProudmooreRole

The greatest human sorceress ever

Kurtrus AshfallenRole: ProtectorTribe: Night Elf

A legendary Demon Hunter who left Illidans the opportunity to seek revenge against Anetheron, the Dreadlord.

ProtectorTribe: Night Elf: Malfurion StormrageRole

One of the Night Elves'' leaders and his twin brother, Illidan Stormrage.

CasterTribe: Human: Natalie SelineRole

A human sorceress who mastered dark magic and wrote the Secrets of the Void.

CasterTribe: Draenei''s Name: Prophet VelenRole

The Draenei''s commander.

CasterTribe: Undead: Tamsin RoameRole''s Name: Tamsin RoameRole

An undead Horde warlock who was one of the most gifted mages in the Alliance.

FighterTribe: Human, Tirion FordringRole

The supreme commander of the Argent Crusade and bearer of the Ashbringer.

CasterTribe: Human, UtherRole

The leader of the human Paladins and the mentor of Arthas

CasterTribe: Blood Elf: Varden DawngraspRole

A powerful Blood Elf mage with the potential to manipulate reality.


Amazing mercenaries who get the job done. Just falling short of the best ones.

FighterTribe: Orc: Blademaster SamuroRole

The last blademaster of the Burning Blade tribe.

ProtectorTribe: Human Name: Cariel RoameRole

A legendary paladin who took the ruthless promise of discovering her long-lost sister.

FighterTribe: Demon: DiabloRole

The ruler of Hell. The Most nefarious of the Prime Evils.

ProtectorTribe: Human Name: The Lich KingRole

Arthas has evolved from a simple human to become even more successful.

FighterTribe: Orc No. RokaraRole: FighterTribe

A legendary Orc warrior of the Horde.

FighterTribe: Orc: SaurfangRole: FighterTribe

A family of the most powerful Orc warriors in the Horde.

Sylvanas WindrunnerRole: FighterTribe: Unead

The future Lich King has corrupted a powerful High Elf warrior. Returned as a vengeful Undead.

ProtectorTribe: Orc: Name: ThrallRole

To combat the Demon race, the Orc warchief is tall with the Humans and the Night Elves.


The finest mercenaries in this game. The cream of the harvest, they just do everything better than the other choices on this list.

Cairne BloodhoofRole: ProtectorTribe: Tauren

The leader of the Tauren race and the strongest warrior of their people.

ProtectorTribe: Orc: Garrosh HellscreamRole

A gifted Orc warrior and a prospective candidate for warchief of the Horde, chosen by Thrall.

CasterTribe: GuldanRole: CasterTribe: Orc

The first Orc Warlock and one of the founders of the Orc Horde.

CasteTribe: Troll: VoljinRole: CasteTribe

The real future warchief of the Horde and chieftain of the Darkspear Tribe

CasterTribe: Draenei''s Name: XyrellaRole

A legendary priest who has always said his visions are correct.

There are currently more mercenaries in this list, but most of the unlisted ones are either too underpowered or not used often enough to justify a mention in the meta. As such, the meta is constantly evolving, and there are new mercenaries being added every time in Hearthstone. We will keep you updated in case there are any changes to the top mercenaries in this list.