Like a pro, Janhvi Kapoor handled her dresses awkwardly!

Like a pro, Janhvi Kapoor handled her dresses awkwardly! ...

As well as her acting skills, Janhvi Kapoor is one of Bollywood''s most well-known stars.

When we look at the stars of the Bollywood industry, we want to see them as perfect, but we want to see them making no mistakes and no flaws whatsoever, and that''s why we follow them because we see them as fantastic.

It''s difficult to feel that living a glamorous life and following a similar routine day in and out can be very hectic and certainly isn''t easy either and and things like outfit malfunctions become inevitable and common, and many times with several big stars, no designer in the world can save you for it.

Some celebrities do manage to control the situation somehow, but Jhanvi Kapoor is one of them who is fortunate with the talent. The young Bollywood diva with huge star power early in their career and a wonderful family background is destined to become a huge star in the industry.

Janhvi has never had a very strong career but has still gained a huge fan following, and she is always in the news for her appearances in public, there have been many instances when the camera was unable to capture her, but somehow she managed it like a professional. Lets look through a few of these instances.

Lets take a look at the Janhvi Kapoors most recent posts.

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Janvhi appeared at Karan Johars'' birthday party wearing a stunning skinny-fit, shimmery outfit. Unfortunately, the zip of the dress has some issues with it, but Janhvi did not even let the media feel it and she boldly accepted the camera.

Once Janhvi was headed toward entering in her car, but the weather had different plans that day as a gust of wind flirted with her short dress, but Janhvi felt it in a split second and acted as if nothing happened.

When Janhvi got out of her car, one of her buttons unbuttoned, which eventually revealed her innerwear, but Janhvi handled it like a pro.

When Janhvi was harmed in a plunging neckline outfit in which she was clearly uncomfortable, she just laughed out the situation with a simple smile that eased hearts.