With this retro SNES video, you can get a ball at the glory days

With this retro SNES video, you can get a ball at the glory days ...

In 1989, we got a sneak peek at the dedicated professionals who tested and packaged NES consoles. Despite its simplicity and ease of assembly, it was nonetheless a fascinating look at the professionals who worked tirelessly to ensure that your beloved NES arrived in its original condition.

Now is the time to get a look at the SNES. In a new video from video game historian John Andersen, we get a fantastic visual of a SNES assembly line in the United Kingdom, with new consoles being included with none other than Street Fighter II. Towards the end of the video, we''re also given a peek at Nintendo''s Gameplay Counsellors.

Nintendo employed a few of the game''s instructors to take calls from customers who needed help. The service ran from 1987 to 2005 and effectively became obsolete as the internet became more widespread, leading gamers to seek help from online FAQs and walkthroughs.

What an interesting peek into history! It makes us shiver for the good ol'' days, when games were delivered in complete forms, no upgrades are required; simply plug in and play. Ah...

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