Datamine from Sonic Origins Notes A Returning Character For Sonic Frontiers

Datamine from Sonic Origins Notes A Returning Character For Sonic Frontiers ...

Happy 31st birthday to the blue blur! Over the years, Sonic the Hedgehog has experienced some of his biggest changes, and the next step in his journey Sonic Frontiers is making some of the franchise''s biggest modifications yet. But before we look back, we''re going to the start of Sonic Origins today.

Dataminers have already dived in to see what hidden nuggets they can find in Origins, but these aren''t for any of the classic Sonic games, but rather for Frontiers (Thanks, Sonic Stadium, and BlueStarEXSF on ResetEra).

These shadesrs indicate that the menus in Origins were created using Frontiers tools, which means there are references to potential aspects of the next 3D Sonic game. Nevertheless, these may no longer be included in the game now, and this is worth taking all of this with a pinch of salt, but there are also some some fun things to gleam here, including the return of everyone''s favorite frog-chasing cat.

Both @ahremic and a friend submitted all of their records in a Pastebin doc right here. Many files imply completion of tasks, tutorials, and clearing levels, but we''ve selected some of the more interesting ones:

FirstChaosEmeraldStrageGet - ChaosEmeraldGot - KodamaElderFirstTalked - FishCaught - NewFishFirstTalked - FishingBigFirstTalked - FishingSpotId - GrowFlowerStartDay

Some of them are quite self-explanatory yet the Chaos Emerald stages are coming back, and Grow Flowers may suggest a new method or just as an excuse for flower respawning. However, in this little scoop of data we''ve reviewed, we believe there are a few important new details that should be considered.

First is, all of, the files relating to ''Kodama.'' In Japanese folklore, people inhabit trees (if you''ve seen Studio Ghibli''s Princess Mononoke then you''ll know) This might be a brand new character being introduced in Frontiers. And, as a result, tree spirits would not be out of place in this bizarre new world.

If you''ve ever played Sonic Adventure then you''ll know where it''s going. ''FishingBigFirstTalked'' is potentially referring to Big the Cat, the fishing-loving cat who has to save his best friend Froggy through a number of fishing minigames. This article suggests that Big Big would be available here. If it is, then it makes sense that Big would be there. We know he loves you very much.

We''ll say this once more, as long as these Sonic Origins files were discovered, they may no longer be relevant to Frontiers, but it''s an indication of what has at least been considered for the next 3D release in the Sonic series. We''ll have to wait and see if this turns out to be a good catch!

In our presentation, Sonic Origins is now available on Switch. We will see what the critics thought of the game, and where they will go later this year.

What do you think about the datamine? Do you wish to see Big the Cat return? Let us know in the usual area!

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