Three Hopes Drops In The Day One Patch for Fire Emblem Warriors

Three Hopes Drops In The Day One Patch for Fire Emblem Warriors ...

Today''s day Fire Emblem fans get to return to Fire Emblem: Three Houses with the Musou follow-up Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. The game is now available for Switch and will see players control Shez and a plethora of Three Houses characters in some ruthless hack-and-slash fight.

As we''re accustomed to today, the game has received a day one patch to fix some initial problems and glitches to help you improve your experience.

The patch had been dropped just before the game was launched, so if you were lucky to get it early or have just been playing it non-stop since it dropped (we hope you have some coffee! ), then make sure you get your game updated and see what''s new below:

Fixed a rare issue where the game sometimes freezes when moving from Base Camp to the War Map. - Fixed a rare issue where progressing certain battles in the sequences causes the player to lose focus and prevents progress. - Fixed an issue where the switch Lock-On target control does not work when controlling the game with the left or right Joy-Con held vertically. - Fixed several other issues in order to improve the experience.

No big surprises here! Day one fixes for Three Hopes were good enough in our 9/10 review. You can also see Digital Foundry''s verdict on the Musou game''s performance both docked and undocked here.

If you''re not playing Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, what are you hoping to say so far? Let us know in the comments and see the game''s best launch day prices.

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